Unique guerilla tactics created by Kim Il Sung

During the anti-Japanese armed struggle, many legends praising the unique guerilla tactics created by President Kim Il Sung were spread among Koreans.

The Japanese imperialists boasting of being the "leader of Asia" fell into the protean guerilla tactics of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) and met the wholesale death in every battle.

The battles of Laoheishan and Hongqihe proved that the tactics of allurement and ambush is one of the fighting methods fully suited to the characteristics of guerilla warfare.

Through the destruction of the vicious Jingan army and the end of "Maeda punitive force", the Japanese imperialists were most afraid of the KPRA's method of allurement and ambush and named it the "net tactic".

Victories in the battles of Hongtushanzi and Fuhoushui tableland were also made by such guerilla tactics of the KPRA.

Recollecting the then battles, an officer of the Japanese Army who had taken part in the punitive operations against the KPRA said that the guerilla tactics of the KPRA were protean and gifted tactics which could not be found in the books on strategy and the tactics of the Japanese army.

In many battles the President employed unique guerrilla tactics to defeat the aggressors. Among them were the tactic of marching a long distance at one step and the tactic of appearing in the east and in the west like a flash.

Indeed, the guerilla tactics created by the President were an all-round precious sword which made the KPRA defeat Japanese imperialism, a burglar armed to the teeth, by the strategic and tactical superiority.

Thanks to his unique and miraculous guerilla tactics, the Korean people could win victory in the anti-Japanese revolutionary war to achieve the historic cause of national liberation on August 15, 1945.

(KCNA -  August 14, 2019)  

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