Syria goes ahead with reconstruction

By Om Ryong

Proactive measures have been taken in Syria to recover from the aftermaths of the crisis and provide people with every convenience for their living.

(Students of Architectural Engineering Faculty in Aleppo exhibit projects simulating reconstruction phase of Syria. SANA photo)

The Syrian president indicated the direction of work of Party and public organizations at a recent meeting.

The Arab Baath Socialist Party should rely on the people and develop under their support and all public organizations and trade unions under its guidance should work hard to satisfy the demand of the people to the maximum and serve their interests, he noted.

The prime minister ordered to take decisive steps to fundamentally transform the national power supply system and meet the power needs. A directive has been issued to the relevant sector to work out a detailed plan for the reconstruction of pharmaceutical factories in several areas of Damascus recently liberated from terrorists and submit it to the cabinet.

A decision has also been published that private companies which import goods from other countries by borrowing money from national banks are duty-bound to transfer 15 percent of imported goods to national commercial institutions at the state price.

The government measures prove successful.

The pharmaceutical factories started operation with the output of medicines having already reached the pre-war level. Tens of thousands of dwelling houses, many educational institutions and public health amenities have been reconstructed and roads and railways repaired. Oil wells have also been rebuilt and started production.

Lots of refugees continue to flood into their homeland.

More than 80 percent of Syrian refugees reportedly want to go back home. Hundreds of thousands of them have already returned home.

The government also directs efforts to bringing their life back to normal.

"Syrians can lead a dignified life only at home," said a government official.

(Pyongyang Times -  August 5, 2019)

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