Shining exploits of Kim Il Sung for liberation of Korea

By Rodong Sinmun

President Kim Il Sung achieved the national historic cause of Korea's liberation through the bloody anti-Japanese war, which was a noteworthy event that provided the origin of socialist Korea and has served as a world-recognized example of the national liberation war in colonies.

The President is the peerless patriot and national hero who saved Korea, which might have been erased in the world map, and built a full-fledged independent and sovereign state in which the people become the master.

The brilliant accomplishment of the historical cause of national liberation is the victory of the independent revolutionary line set forth by the President.

National independence and national liberation by the efforts of Koreans were the revolutionary principle and way of struggle the President held fast to during the anti-Japanese revolution.

The successful accomplishment of the historical cause of national liberation is a precious fruition of the armed struggle organized and led by the President.

National liberation is the result of the great anti-Japanese war through the all-people resistance with the Korean People's Revolutionary Army as hardcore under the leadership of the President.

The history and tradition of independence created by the President in the flames of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle have served as the main source to make the DPRK victoriously advance along the road of Juche.

All the people and servicepersons of the Korean People's Army should glorify the President's exploits for national liberation with bigger victory and successes in the socialist construction under the uplifted banner of independence true to the Party's leadership.

(KCNA -  August 15, 2019)

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