Self-destructive act bringing earlier end of Japan

By Minju Joson

DPRK Poster Peace
Recently, the Defence Ministry of Japan decided to purchase from the U.S. for the air "Self-Defence Force" F-35Bs which are reported to be operated at escort ship Izumo that will be remodeled into a carrier.

It is a revelation of the wild ambition to put spurs to turning Japan into a military giant by enhancing the attack capabilities of "Self-Defense Forces".

Japan emerges as a dangerous force of aggression posing grave threat to peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

The size and capabilities of the SDF have already gone beyond the restriction of "exclusive defense". Mobile strike and operation capabilities of the SDF have been highly upgraded in the land, sea and sky with its military hardware for attack rapidly updated and remodeled.

Clear is the purpose. The present ruling quarters of Japan seek to turn the SDF into offensive aggression forces capable of fighting any battles at any time and any place.

It is as clear as noonday that Japan's moves for a military power will lead to overseas expansion.

If the Japanese reactionaries go reckless, oblivious of a lesson drawn from the past defeat, it will only bring earlier the ruin of Japan.

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