Self-contradiction of S Korean conservative clique


This is a translation of the article appeared in KCNA on August 6, 2019. 

KCNA - August 6, 2019
(Why they sing the song 'crisis of national security')

Southern conservative rebellious bunches have recently resumed the song of  "security" with regard to the north's display of submarine, and power demonstration firing of new-type tactical guided weapons. They hang in the fuss in order to raise anti-Republic showdown.

They, including Liberal Korea Party (LKP) and Parun Mirae Party (PMP), invoke that measures of the north are 'head-on violation of September 19 south-north military sector agreement', and emit a noise calling for nullification of the agreement.

They were not satisfied at their screaming that 'the policy liking the north has caused the current crisis' or 'we must deal with the north's provocation firmly'. So they are raising even the need of 'nuclear arming of the south'.

But the flow of situation until now clearly shows who the villain that has deliberately violated north-south agreements and caused the crisis of security in the Korean peninsula is.

A recent change too makes us know well who the villain is. Although the atmospheric pressure of peace, prosperity, and reunification in the Korean peninsula has put a stop to war drills for invading the north, but now they are all reviving.

On September 30 last year, right after publicizing of the historic September Pyongyang Joint Declaration, a relevant person of South Korean defense ministry announced that large-size drills like Ulji Freedom Guardian (UFG), and two US-SK joint marine corps drills were suspended. He added, however, the other drills would be carried out as scheduled.

Right thereafter, in early November, South Korean military authorities, together with US marine corps, resumed landing drills well known as preemptive attack drills for invading the north. In the following month, they made themselves busy in South Korea sole air force comprehensive drill in place of the previous US-SK joint military drill Vigilant Ace.

Entering this year, they changed the signboard for the US-SK joint military drill from Key Resolve to Alliance 19-1, and  continued it. Successively right thereafter, they dared venture a series of provocative drills targeting us such as allied sea check and search drills and combined aerial drills. They smoked the smell of north-invasion gunpowder everywhere in the land, the sea, and the sky.

These were not the end. Raising heat of war, they dispatched armed forces to various overseas joint military drills under the signboards such as Pacific Vanguard, Red Flag Alaska 19-2, and Silent Shark.

In June, South Korean troops, belonging to the 7th Corps in charge of express infiltration into our rear depth in case of contingency, conductd a joint infiltration drill targeting our underground facilities, together with US Forces Korea (USFK). It was a plain display of their intention to invade the north.

On the other hand, belligerent lunatics in South Korean military clique acquired aerial refuelling aircrafts for the purpose of broadening the operational radius of their air forces. They also took in F-35A fighters that are the key means of the anti-north preemptive strike system Kill Chain. And they concocted ground intelligence group units prepared with drones for reconnaissance, attack and electronic warfare against us. They are enthusiastic about military reinforcement to realize their preemptive attack strategy.

It goes without saying that all these moves have ultimately driven us to take countermeasures for elimination of potential and direct threats to our national security.

Nevertheless, South Korean conservative bunches are talking about somebody's 'violation of north-south agreements', and chanting a song of  'crisis in security', as if a thief points an innocent person and shouts, 'thief is here!'

With regard to ratification and implementation of north-south agreements, they have refused all in the national assembly, insulting inter-Korean agreements as declaration paper written as spoken by the north, and as disgraceful document disarmed by the north. That they are now talking about somebody's 'violation' is something despicable.

South Korean conservative rebellious bunches should clearly know: The more they sing the obsolete song of  "security crisis"  for the purpose of deliberate precipitating war crisis, the more their bulk of sin that are to be measured in the tribunal of history will just expand.

(KCNA - August 6, 2019)

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