S Koreans blame US for GI burden-sharing hike

It was reported by Yonhap News of south Korea that the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification (SPARK - KR), an organization of south Korea, held a press conference in Seoul on July 31 and censured the U.S. for urging south Korea to pay much more for the GIs stationed in south Korea.

SPARK July 31, 2019
(SPARK photo)

Speakers there said that south Korea has already been paying a huge amount of money as upkeep for the GIs in south Korea, holding that south Koreans are saying no to the increase of upkeep.

SPARK July 31, 2019

They pointed out that the U.S. groundless demand is aimed to realize its ambition for supremacy by meddling in the south-north relations and introducing U.S.-made weapons into south Korea.

SPARK July 31, 2019

Noting that drastic increase of upkeep for the GIs will become a factor of greatly increasing the defense spending of south Korea, they said large-scale arms buildup will inevitably irritate the north and disturb the efforts for preserving peace of the Korean peninsula.

SPARK July 31, 2019

They urged the U.S. to retract such demand.

(KCNA -  August 4, 2019)

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