Russians demand halt to military acts against DPRK

Vitali Revedev, chief of the Russian Group for Solidarity with the DPRK, and the editor-in-chief of Red Star TV made public a joint statement on Aug. 7 in support of the self-defensive measures taken by the DPRK to cope with hostile forces' moves.

The statement said:

The recent power demonstrations and test-fires in the DPRK served as important occasions in further building up its military capability for self-defence and dealt a telling blow to the hostile forces which attempted to bedevil the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The broad international community expresses sympathy and admiration at the resolute steps taken by the DPRK and its national power growing stronger day by day.

But the U.S. sent the latest offensive military equipment to south Korea and launched the joint military exercises, driving the situation on the Korean peninsula into tension.

No country will remain a passive onlooker to a military drill threatening a sovereign state in its surrounding territory and waters.

The more undisguised moves by the forces to wreck peace and security of the Korean peninsula and impair the dignity of the DPRK will compel it continue to take steps for building up its military capability for self-defence.

We flatly condemn the U.S. and south Korean authorities for disturbing peace and security of the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. and south Korean authorities should stop at once the military hostile acts against the DPRK.

(KCNA -  August 11, 2019)


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