Rungna Dolphinarium in Pyongyang

Many monumental edifices have been built in the DPRK under the direct guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Among them is the Rungna Dolphinarium located on the Taedong River.


The Supreme Leader visited the dolphinarium which was near completion on a summer day of Juche 101 (2012).

At its ground exhibition hall, he carefully looked at the blue stage floor and the water tank for performance alternatively and recommended change of the stage floor color.

He instructed the officials to change the floor's color into sand-like one and decorate the front of rock on the stage with sweet briers in keeping with the Korean people's aesthetic feelings.

He also stressed the need to replace the color of overhead lighting in corridor with blue so that spectators can feel as if they were under the sea.

It is thanks to such detailed guidance of the peerlessly great man that the Rungna Dolphinarium could be wonderfully built.


(KCNA -  August 7, 2019) 

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