Recycling gains momentum in DPRK

Big efforts are paid to the recycling of waste at industrial establishments in the DPRK.

The Metal Construction Company is producing the shuttering with waste plastic in an industrial way. The shuttering has been introduced into the construction of the Wonsan Kalma coastal tourist area and other projects, proving effective.

The Pyongyang Rubber Factory has made an effective use of waste rubber tires.

It produces belt by weaving thread obtained from waste tires into cloth and coating it with rubber. This tough and flexible belt is popular at collieries and mines as it is higher than rubber belt in physical feature.

The Chongjin Fishing Tackle Factory is making ropes for aquiculture with waste net, while the Haeju Chemical Factory produces paints with various waste plastic and scrapped fabric.

Such practices can be seen at many other units.

When visiting a factory in Jagang Province recently, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un stressed that all the sectors and units should step up the work to recycle all by-products and wastes from production and thus create more material wealth with domestic resources and technology. 

(KCNA -  August 2, 2019) 

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