Pak Ji Won should not wag his tongue

By Ri Kyong Ju

As the saying goes, "Call a dog a dog". Judging from the disgraceful behavior of foolish politicians of south Korea, the saying is quite appropriate for them.

Pak Ji Won
Pak Ji Won
"Lawmaker" Pak Ji Won let loose nonsense unfit for his advanced age, which annoys everyone.

Pak, who is impudent enough to style himself a man symbolic of the June 15 era, wagged his ill-smelling tongue this time, too.

In the wake of the DPRK's test-fire of a new weapon in Thongchon, Kangwon Province on August 16, he hurled a stream of abuse, asserting that the missile launch at the hometown of honorary Chairman Jong Ju Yong is against the generosity, to say the least of it, and should have been tabooed in view of the symbolic importance of Chairman Jong, and that the north proved to be a savage country.

Pak is a tramp and dirty man in terms of morality.

He had gone so shameless to butter us up in Pyongyang, boasted about his relationship with us and taken full advantage of it as his political asset in the June 15 era, but now acts ungratefully, not feeling ashamed of himself.

Pardoning him is once and for all.

He should not blather about the relationship with us again.

He should no longer commit such foolish deeds as pricking his eyes. Foolish acts will only tarnish his image.

(KCNA -  August 19, 2019)
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