Multi-functional Microorganism Fertilizer

Scientists of the Chemical and Biological Institute under University of Sciences in the DPRK developed a multi-functional effective microorganism fertilizer, "Phungrok".

The fertilizer consisting of azotobacter and nine other microorganism strains is efficacious for improving quality of soil and ensuring harmonious growth of plant.

In case of grain crops, it can raise the per-hectare yield 15-20 percent while reducing the consumption amount of urea fertilizers into half.

Its peculiarities and effectiveness have been proven through introduction into various farms in North and South Phyongan and South Hwanghae provinces.

It can be also used in cultivation of vegetables, fruit crops, turf and flowers.

"Phungrok" won a high appreciation at the 34th National Festival of Science and Technology held this year.

(KCNA -  August 12, 2019)


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