LKP's dangerous bluffing about nuclear arming


The south Korean conservative forces are openly crying out for the "theory of nuclear armament" such as "NATO-style nuclear sharing," "redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons" and "nuclear self-development", faulting the DPRK with its just military steps.

In particular, the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) bluffed that they would put the said theory under public discussion through the people's petition movement, all-people signature movement and seminar.

This is a traitorous reckless act to bring a horrible nuclear disaster to the fellow countrymen and another farce showing the baseness of the conservative forces obsessed with the idea of confrontation with fellow countrymen and the ambition for power.

One can easily imagine the consequences the conservatives' "nuclear armament" will bring to the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula, the region and the world.

The peninsula will be put in a touch-and-go situation, the whole of south Korea will be put in the ranges of the preemptive nuclear strikes by big powers and the peace process in the region will become hopeless.

The "theory of independent nuclear armament" touted by the conservatives comes under fire even by the international community, to say nothing of the public in south Korea.

Kyunghyang Daily News in an editorial on July 30 said that "if south Korea goes nuclear, it will bring about a nuclear domino effect in Northeast Asia, thus posing a more serious threat. The tactical nuclear redeployment is also the same." The paper also said that the assertion of the LKP is unreasonable and impossible.

Then what are the conservatives seeking through their noisy trumpeting about the theory?

Lurking behind this is the sinister ambition to improve the LKP's image as "security party", rally the conservative forces and come back to power by deteriorating the situation in the peninsula by inciting the danger of a nuclear war.

The LKP is an "instability political party" and a "disaster party" that will bring a self-destructive nuclear disaster as it is crying out for the theory, bereft of elementary thinking and judging power.

The vile acts of the conservatives seeking the sinister political interests through the reckless "security racket" that threaten the destiny and peace of the fellow countrymen now invites bitter protest at home and abroad.

The south Korean conservative forces should clearly understand that the absurd theory is just self-destructive one with which they will cut their own political lifelines.

(KCNA - August 12, 2019)

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