Koreans in Japan slam Japan's move

The Association for Democracy and Unification of South Koreans in Japan (Hantongryon - KR) reportedly released a statement denouncing the Abe regime on Aug. 2.

Chairman Son Hyong Gun
(Son Hyong Gun, chairperson of Hantongryon, in press conference on August 2 in the organizations's Tokyo office. MinPlus photo)

The statement said that Japan, which has spurred the moves for a military giant and distortion of history, is expanding the scope of the restrictions on export to south Korea in a bid to block the settlement of the issue of the victims of the forced labor draft and the peaceful climate on the Korean peninsula.

It stressed that the Abe regime's intensified restrictions on export to south Korea is aimed to deal a telling blow at the south Korean economy and put south Korea under its control and force south Korea to follow Japan's insistence on the issue of history, including the issue of victims of the forced labor draft, and block the peaceful trend on the Korean peninsula.

(KCNA -  August 5, 2019)

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