S Korean students protest against Japan's impudence

The Progressive Federation of Students of south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on July 29 to protest against Japan's impudent behavior, according to the south Korean internet newspaper Jaju Sibo.

Speakers there said Japan's behavior of having not yet sincerely reflected on the past crimes of colonizing Korea and inflicting untold damage on it is greatly infuriating all south Koreans.

Noting that the supreme court's judgment that war criminal businesses of Japan should indemnify the victims of forced labor was not enough for the victims to settle the old scores, they charged that Japan, on the contrary, engaged in economic retaliation against south Korea.

They said the Mitsubishi company should leave south Korea immediately as it is a war criminal business.

The participants burnt the flag symbolic of war criminal Japan, tearing photos of the lawmakers from the "Liberal Korea Party" siding with Japan.

(KCNA -  August 3, 2019)

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