Kim Jong Un leads revolution with lofty love for people

Article by Rodong Sinmun Editorial Bureau, August 5, 2019

By Rodong Sinmun Editorial Bureau

Original title: Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Is peerlessly great man who leads the revolution with lofty love for people

If they wish to know the invincibility and great strength of Juche Korea, which remains unfazed by the challenges and ordeals unprecedented in history, they should know Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's noble love for the people and if they wish to talk about the rosy future of the DPRK, they should feel the pulsation of his heart for the love for and devotion to the people.

The motto "Believe in the people as in heaven" runs right through the idea, leadership and personality of Kim Jong Un, and herein lies the peculiarity of his politics and the great might of change.

He is the paramount incarnation of the love for the people ever known in history.

The virtues are the main personality a socialist state leader should have.

A leader's noble love for the people is vital to the destiny of socialism when alternation of leadership generation takes place. If the leader is short of the ability, he will delay the development of socialist society. If he has no virtues, he will betray the people to make a mess of socialism.

The qualitative difference between the Juche-oriented revolution in the DPRK and the revolution in other countries depends on whether it is led by the popular leader possessed of love for the people as disposition or not.

Kim Jong Un's love for the people is the deep-seated ardent thoughts and feelings formed through his experiences.

His love for the people sprouted and grew stronger and turned into an unshakable view of life and revolutionary philosophy when he was sharing joys and sorrows with the great leader and the great people and making a revolution with them.

The energetic leadership of Kim Jong Un, the paramount incarnation of the love for the people, constitutes a basic source that puts the Korean revolution onto a new high stage and boosts the advance of socialism.

Thanks to his veteran and experienced leadership and the great people boundlessly loyal to the cause of the Party, the DPRK will be the first ideal society in the world where the dreams and ideals of the people will come true.

(KCNA -  August 5, 2019) 

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