Feats for national liberation movement in colonial countries


President Kim Il Sung devoted his all to the victorious advance of the human cause of independence in his lifetime.

Thanks to his outstanding idea and wise leadership, the Korean people won victory in the anti-Japanese revolutionary war without state-backing home front and assistance of a regular army, put an end to the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists and liberated the country 70-odd years ago.

The President led the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle to victory to set the world example of national liberation struggle.

He also assisted materially and morally the national liberation struggle in colonial countries to wisely lead the human cause of independence.

He fully supported the armed struggle line of the Algerian National Liberation Front and gave a material assistance to the fighting Algerian people, while expressing solidarity for them by setting the day of Algeria and the week of Algeria.

When the Algerian people set up a provisional government, he recognized their government ahead of others and took a measure to establish the diplomatic relations. And, whenever they faced ordeals, he gave unstinting support to inspire them to wage the armed struggle to the end.

Like this, many countries and nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America, that received his instructions and support, put an end to the domination and subordination of the imperialists and colonialists and entered the road of building a new society.

He is, indeed, a great pioneer in the era of independence as he clearly indicated the theoretical and practical problems arising in the national liberation movement in colonial countries and led the struggle of the oppressed people in the world.

(KCNA -  August 21, 2019)

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