Japanese reactionaries urged to liquidate past

Commentary in Minju Joson

There took place an event at a museum in Warsaw, Poland some days ago to mourn for victims slaughtered by Nazi Germany.

At the event, the German foreign minister made an apology to the families of victims and other Polish people, saying that Germany will erect in Berlin a monument to the Polish victims of crimes committed by the Nazis.

Quite contrary to Germany's attitude towards the past settlement, Japan has behaved like a thief crying "stop thief!" since its defeat, far from making an apology and compensation for its blood-stained history of aggression.

Now, the Japanese reactionaries are working hard to bring back the days of the aggressive war when the Japanese imperialists invaded other countries, singing kimikayo and fluttering hinomaru.

To this end, they have made every vicious attempt to pave the way for aggression by revising the constitution while putting spurs to turning Japan into a military giant.

In a word, they are trying to open up the future of Japan by reviving the crime-woven history.

Today, Germany carries considerable weight as it was recognized by the international community for its sincere apology and compensation, but Japan comes to be a target of international denunciation for persistently denying the liquidation of its past. The contradictory image clearly shows what guarantees the future of Japan.

The Japanese reactionaries should settle the past, mindful that sincere apology and compensation for Japan's past crimes are an unavoidable legal and moral obligation.

(KCNA -  August 21, 2019)

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