Japan's hysterical ambition for overseas expansion

Commentary in Minju Joson

Recently, the chief executive of Japan expressed his strong will to revise the constitution at the general meeting of lawmakers from the Liberal Democratic Party again. And the vice-prime minister who doubles as minister of Finance said it is time to push ahead with the discussion on the constitutional revision.

It shows the Japanese ruling quarter's hysterical ambition for overseas expansion reaches an extremely reckless point.

The Japanese ruling quarter is eager to pave a way for aggression by revising the constitution without fail.

Japan's ceaseless introduction of ultra-modern offensive military hardware proves the deceptive nature of their clamor for "security".

It is their sinister intention that any weapon helpful to realizing their wild ambition for overseas aggression should be possessed though it is not for home defense and produces unrest among the people for frequent accidents.

Now, their reckless acts come to be a source not only harming Japan's security but deteriorating the situation in the region. The constitutional revision has nothing to do with peace and security but is directly linked with a war of aggression. That's why the Japanese people and the international community are heaping curses and strong criticism on Japan's reckless acts.

If the Japanese ruling quarter remains persistent in their reckless moves, obsessed with wild ambition for overseas invasion, it will end up as a moth flying to the flame.

(KCNA -  August 20, 2019) 

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