Japan's economic sanctions protested in S Korea

According to media reports, actions were launched across south Korea on Aug. 2 in protest against Japan's decision to remove south Korea from a "white list" of countries with preferential trade status after intensifying restrictions on export to south Korea.

newsis photo
(Emergency press conference in Seoul. Newsis photo)

More than 40 organizations in the area of Pusan called an emergency press conference outside the Japanese consulate general and condemned Japan's move as provocative and aggressive one.

minplus photo
(Emergency press conference in Pusan. MinPlus phto)

The Ulsan Citizens Action for Denouncing Abe composed of civic and social organizations in Ulsan held a news conference outside the city office and slammed Japan for intensifying its economic retaliation, far from reflecting on its history of aggression and war crimes.

minjung party photo
(Protesting boards in Ulsan City. Peoples' Party photo.)

(KCNA -  August 6, 2019)

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