Japan, do not covet another's territory

By Ra Myong Song
Rodong Sinmun

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee openly posted on its website a map on which Tok Island is marked as Japan's "territory" and the East Sea of Korea as the "Sea of Japan" with the 2020 Olympics to be hosted in Japan approaching.

What merits an attention is the fact that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga said at a press conference that Japan's dominium over "Takeshima" and its status in relation to the "Sea of Japan" have been put into consideration.

This goes to prove that the Japanese government is set to use even the holy international sports festival as a plaything of politics.

So persistent, indeed, is the Japanese reactionaries' ambition for seizing territory.

The Olympics will draw lots of sportspersons from different countries of the world, to say nothing of tourists.

The Japanese reactionaries have gone crafty enough to avail themselves of the opportunity to make the world people believe that Tok Island and the East Sea of Korea both belong to Japan.

Their intention is to paint Japan as a "victim" by making the international community think the island and the sea as "usurped land and sea".

That's why they are making a far-fetched assertion that not only Tok Island, part of an inviolable territory of Korea, but also the East Sea of Korea are theirs in a foolish bid to turn the region into a dispute-torn area, internationalize the issue and secure a legal pretext for the reinvasion of Korea.

The crafty sleight of hand employed by the islanders can never work.

(KCNA -  August 9, 2019)

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