Group visit to revive militarist specters

By Ra Myong Song
Rodong Sinmun

The Japanese chief executive made an offering to the Yasukuni Shrine and nearly fifty lawmakers paid a visit to the shrine to revive the departed souls of militarists on the day of the Japanese imperialists' defeat.

The group visit to the shrine by the Japanese politicians reveals that they have no idea for reflection on and apology for the past wars of aggression, but only seek overseas aggression following in their predecessors' footsteps.

The Japanese ruling quarters turned the day of the defeat as a lever for reviving the departed souls of militarists and fostering public atmosphere for overseas aggression. Herein lies the real purpose they sought through visit to the shrine on August 15, the day of the Japanese imperialists' defeat.

The Japanese incumbent chief executive's push for the constitutional revision, frantic distortion of history designed to evade the atonement for the past and overseas dispatch of "Self-Defense Forces" eloquently tell that Japan is going to invade Asia and the rest of the world again as it did in the past.

When the international community has become increasingly vocal about Japan's apology and reparation for its past crimes, the Japanese reactionaries' visit to the shrine arouses concern and anger at home and abroad.

Japan should honestly reflect on and unconditionally pay for the past crimes rather than revive the departed souls of militarists.

(KCNA - August 27, 2019)

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