Great youth army guarantees DPRK rosy future

By Rodong Sinmun

The long history of the Korean youth movement is the one of the peerlessly great men's unique idea of attaching importance to the youth and their wise leadership and the proud one in which the ardent loyalty and patriotic devotion of the Korean youth to the Party, leader, country and people have strikingly been displayed.

Great army of youtt guarantees DPRK's victorious future
August 28 is the Youth Day in the DPRK.

In the whole period of the revolutionary leadership, President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il set it as one of the most important state affairs and a strategic line of the revolution to give priority to the youth, perfectly resolved the issue of the youth for the first time in history and built a youth power without an equal in the world through their wise leadership. They are the distinguished feats performed by the great leaders.

Today the Korean youth movement has entered the golden age of its development as it holds Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem.

It is the greatest pride and strength of Juche Korea to have the excellent ranks of young people single-heartedly supporting the Party's idea and cause with firm revolutionary faith, noble view of life and indomitable fighting spirit.

Thanks to our youth who have become a shock brigade for building an economic power and pioneers of a scientific and technological power with their hearts burning with enthusiasm for revolution and struggle and patriotism, our own style socialism advances vigorously.

It is the true appearance of the youth of Juche Korea to dedicate themselves to the country, people, society and the collective.

The pearl-like noble mental spirit and traits of the youth effect a high-pitched drive for creating positive examples and massive innovations across the country to double the advance speed of our country. The future of our country is bright as the youth are sound and steady.

It is the great army of reliable and robust youth that guarantees the mightiness and rosy future of our state.

(KCNA -  August 28, 2019)

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