Gala performance wows local people with features

(1) A scene from gala perfornamce The Land of the People
A scene from "The Land of the People" now running on in Pyongyang. (Photo Credit Pyongyang Times)

By Kim Rye Yong

Grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance "The Land of the People" that raised its curtain in June is running on at Pyongyang’s May Day Stadium, winning widespread popularity.

Amid the playing of Patriotic Song, the flag of the DPRK is hoisted under the spotlight and hundreds of drones as luminous as stars in the night sky form the letters of the title at the beginning of the performance. It proceeds striking the audience with wonder all through.

Here are some impressions of viewers:

Epic picture

"'The Land of the People' recounts the 70-odd-year history of our country which is replete with creation and changes and brim with pride and happiness.

"After shaking off the fetters of colonial slavery, our people built a dignified socialist state. The history of the DPRK is a chronicle of so great, so thrilling and so breathtaking events. And these events are reproduced on the stage.

"The show is so appealing that it beggars description."

"Through the performance, I could see the historic events that I had only heard from my grandparents. It also unfolds the scenes of the present stirring reality in which the DPRK demonstrates its independent dignity by dint of unrivalled military capabilities and presses ahead with the building of an economic giant. As I saw them I felt refreshed and was filled with deep emotion. And I was also filled with the pride in living in such a wonderful and powerful country and working for its prosperity."

Once is not enough

"I saw the performance three times. Because seeing it only once was not enough to fully relish it with enormous scope, rich content and fascinating portrayal. At the first time, I mainly watched gymnastic movements and dancing and special stages on the floor. On the second occasion, I mostly saw the flash cards unfolding kaleidoscopic scenes in the huge background. And this time, I enjoyed the overall view of this mesmerizing performance."

"I saw mass gymnastics several times before. As compared to them, 'The Land of the People' has improved remarkably in all aspects. Not all the many performers are professional artistes, but they dance and handle tools so superbly I can hardly distinguish pros from non-pros. In particular, I was entranced by the electronic lighting with 3D effects that turns the whole of the stadium into a raging sea or a farm field with all kinds of crops and fruits. Every scene is a spectacle striking a trailing note and the performance makes everyone want to see again."

Backdrop animation

"I could see so many students in the large background spreading out various scenes with flash cards. As they think and act like one, they can unfold such wonderful moving pictures, I’m sure."

"Their ability of representation is terrific. Every picture portrayed moved like animation.

"Tens of thousands of flash cards swayed or folded and unfolded at a signal to give life and force to giant pictures and present spectacular moving images."

(2) A scene from gala perfornamce The Land of the People
(Photo Credit Pyongyang Times)

(Pyongyang Times - August 5, 2019)

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