Functional gargles developed in DPRK

The Pyongyang Dental Hygiene Products Factory in the DPRK has recently developed new functional gargles.

They include Honggok active gargle and epidermal growth gargle.

In this regard, Mun Yong Sun, chief engineer of the factory, told KCNA:

These gargles have the effect of dental treatment, tooth and gums protection and cell revival.

The Honggok active gargle using natural pigment has clear effect of anti-inflammation. Epidermal growth gargle made with the help of gene recombination technology has a function to quickly recover the damaged gums.

There is also a gargle which is good for preventing hemodia and soothing the nervous system of the root of tooth. -

(KCNA -  August 12, 2019) 

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