Evil mind hidden under song of 'security'

By Minju Joson

DPRK Poster Peace
Conservative groupes of the South Korea are hopping like beasts hit by flames. It is related with the north, which launched new-type tactical guided weapon in demonstration of power after showing of a newly built submarine.

The conservative bloc, including "LKP" and "Parun Mirae Party", has thrown all kind of curse such as "dangerous provocations", "resolution violation", or "immediate invalidity of military agreement" with regard to the north's proper military measures. Especially LKP's head Hwang Kyo An and its floor-leader Ra Kyong Won, make a noise aiming to the opening of a "security assembly". The conservatives have revived their calling for "South Korean nuclear armament".

This is nothing but the shameless song of 'security' sung by peace-breakers.

To speak of our military measures, it is a stern warning to the bellicose forces of the South Korea. They incessantly ventured reckless and dangerous joint military exercises, and adopted cutting-edge war equipments, and madly run to exacerbate the situation on the Korean peninsula.

Those South Korean bellicose bloc has made frantic efforts to play with fire of war, and violated the north-south military agreement brazenly. They don't have any word to say, even if they have a hundred mouths.

Nevertheless, the conservative bloc foams at the mouth, defaming our just countermeasures. Further, they call for abrogation of north-south military agreement. Unarguable is that these are manifestation of their true colors as disgusting lunatics that are in love of war and confrontation.

Originally, the "security" song is the shield that conservative groups frequently use in order to inspire the inter-compatriot confrontation and fulfil their ambition of returning to power.

This is also proved by the following fact.

The historic north-south military agreement relieves the acute tension on the Korean peninsula, facilitates the peaceful flow, and reflects the national aspiration for peace.

Despite the significance, the conservative bloc, including "LKP", belittled it. They say it was a "major cause of security bankruptcy" and a "humiliating document". They even raised their malicious voice that it should be nullified.

Whenever a moment was available, they sang a song of "security" that onely bought criticism and condemnation from every each social strata in the South Korea. They now say of "security crisis" again, and loudly talking even about "own nuclear armament". They know nothing of where they are, how the world revolves. So they are courting disaster to themselves. They are nothing but idiots, ghosts.

The peace-breakers sing a shameless song of "security" from evil secret hearts. To drum "security crisis" into the people's head aims to make the situation flown back to the past where the danger of war was on its peak.

They are desperately play the drums torn apart by the confrontation and war crisis in order to get support from the conservative class. It is of no use. The party of betraying the nation will never prevent its own ruin.

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