DPRK will always emerge victorious

DPRK will always emerge victorious as it has enormous self-defence capability

By Myong Ju Hyok
Rodong Sinmun

A series of news upon the development and completion of weapons of Juche demonstrating the powerful military muscle of socialist Korea is infusing the Korean people with greater pride and honor of being citizens of a powerful nation and confidence in and optimism about sure victory.

It is the greatest victory ever achieved by the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean people since the foundation of the DPRK that they gained a strong treasured sword for preserving peace by dauntlessly weathering unprecedented ordeals and difficulties. It is also an auspicious great event to be celebrated for all ages, as it provided to posterity sure guarantee for the most dignified and happiest life in the world.

A series of successes being witnessed in bolstering the capabilities for self-defence helps the people bear deeper in their minds that their country is an impregnable fortress no one dare attack.

The powerful defence capabilities and war deterrent the DPRK has secured by overcoming harsh trials and difficulties are not for threatening other countries but for averting aggression and war by the imperialists, completely ending military threat and thus preserving peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and creating an environment favorable for building an economic giant.

The signal successes being achieved one after another in bolstering the country’s defence capabilities are entirely a valuable fruition of the wise guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

(Abridged by KCNA - August 31, 2019)
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