Democratic Lawyers Association of Korea blasts Japan

By DLAK Spokesperson

A spokesperson for the Democratic Lawyers Association of Korea issued a statement on Aug. 22 to condemn the Japanese authorities for making a base move to exclude the infant classes of the Korean schools in Japan from the free infant education and upbringing system.

The spokesperson said that it is a fundamental requirement of international law that the interests of children, the hope of the future and the flowers of the future, are prioritized and financial support to them is ensured.

The Japanese authorities are going to exclude Korean children from the above-said system under the pretext of "the contents of education which fail to meet the requirement of the standard," and herein lies the black-hearted political intention, the statement says, and continues:

In any country, mother tongue is what is mainly taught to children at nurseries and kindergartens.

This educational principle is very obvious but the Japanese authorities are deliberately preventing the children's education on the plea of the standard. It is because they do not want the infant classes of the Korean schools to receive the education in mother tongue and national character.

It is the sinister intention of the Japanese reactionaries to stop the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan from the democratic national education of the children at any cost and encourage the Koreans in Japan to assimilate themselves to Japan and change their citizenship and thus put "the theory of self-extermination" of the Korean community in Japan into practice at an early date.

The statement scathingly condemned the base reckless act of discrimination against Korean children as a cruel one and a blatant violation of international law.

It urges the Japanese authorities to stop at once the illegal discriminative act against Korean children which will lead to a misfortune, and sincerely carry out their duty under international law.

(KCNA -  August 22, 2019)

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