Catfish production put on scientific basis

By Chae Hyang Ok

The Pyongyang Catfish Farm produces catfish scientifically and technologically.

Pyongyang Times
(PT photo)

Thanks to the establishment of an integrated production system, the water temperature, pH and oxygen amount of indoor and outdoor fish ponds are measured and controlled in real time and the amounts of water supply and feed are regulated accordingly.

The farm shows close concern for scientifically and technologically ensuring spawning, water supply and temperature control and drastically increasing the survival rate of fries.

In particular, it properly carries on the spawning of good catfish varieties with high productivity. This year, it focuses on further increasing the production of neutral catfish.

The neutral catfish grows faster than common one and consumes less feed. But its hatching rate is low due to the characteristic features of seed fish.

"We found out a way of raising the hatching rate by relying on locally-abundant natural materials and established a scientific method of raising the seed fish," the chief engineer of the farm said.

According to him, the farm has produced millions of fries and increased their survival rate this year through the spawning and hatching of neutral catfish.

It introduces the water recycling system while maximizing the utilization of waste water from a nearby thermal power station.

Shortly ago, it improved the quality of water flowing into the pond of fries by putting the water recycling system on a more scientific basis. On the basis of scientific water analysing system, it disinfects and supplies water more than three times a day and rationally replaces old water with fresh one according to the growth of fish, thereby raising the scientific level of water conservation. As a result, it boosted the catfish yield per one cubic metre of water 1.5 times over the same period of last year.

It puts production on a normal footing, irrespective of seasons, by keeping outdoor ponds warm with the help of solar water heater, and ensures a full operation of equipment including the mobile automatic feeder and catfish collector.

It also directs much effort to reducing the growing period of catfish, lowering unit feed and increasing the fattening rate in a short time.

(Pyongyang Times -  August 5, 2019)

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