Campaign for following models in era of Mallima

A campaign is now brisk in the DPRK to follow the mental and moral world of models in the era of Mallima.

Ten prototypes in the era of Mallima have appeared in the country amid the intensified Mallima speed movement in which new standard and example are created and continued innovation and progress is made while overtaking and learning from them. Among them are university teacher and researcher, miner, weaver, physician and official.

Media of the country are highlighting the signal achievements made by them as well as their warm patriotism and humanity.

Many people reading newspaper articles on the prototypes and vowing to follow them can be seen at various units and in streets.

O Hyon Il, a student of Kim Chaek University of Technology, told KCNA:

The models are true patriots and admirable characters as they have devoted all their sincerity to the prosperity of the country and the collective and comrades whether they are known or not and appreciated or not.

Their mental world is a paragon that we, youths, should learn after.

Kim Un Bok, an official of the Ministry of Local Industry, said:

All the models have something in common. It is the spirit of self-reliance to carry out their tasks by their own efforts without fail. Following their manner of work, I will strive to make an innovation in my work.

(KCNA - August 5, 2019)

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