Broken relationship between Iran and UK

Iran-UK relations

By Om Ryongs

This story's original title: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

The relationship between Iran and the UK is getting worse in the wake of the capture of oil tankers.

Early in July, the Royal Marines seized Iran's oil tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar under the excuse of its violation of the EU's sanctions resolution.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman instantly demanded the immediate return of the ship, branding the seizure as an act of piracy.

Seyed Ali Khamenei, leader of Iran's Islamic revolution, said that his country would never tolerate the UK's vicious act, warning that it would surely take a countermeasure in the appropriate place at the right time.

A short time later, the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps captured the UK's oil tanker Stena Impero in the Straits of Hormuz.

Iran's Tasnim news agency cited the British tanker's continued violation of maritime law as the reason for its capture, asserting that it sailed with GPS devices turned off, entered the strait from the southern route which is the exit from the channel, thereby increasing the danger of accident, and spewed old dregs into the sea to pollute the Persian Gulf.

British Foreign Minister said Iran has no justification for the capture of its ship and threatened that unless the issue is resolved promptly, serious consequences will ensure. The UK government declared that it would extend the anti-Iran sanctions for the capture of its vessel, while its defence ministry announced that it would dispatch additional warships to the Gulf region for the safety of British ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently said his country does not seek sustained tension with some European countries and noted that if they abide by international frameworks and discontinue such wrongdoing as the one in the Strait of Gibraltar they would get the reward from Iran.

The world public describes Iran's capture of the UK tanker as a countermeasure for the latter's seizure of the former's vessel.

And pundits see that the United States is behind the UK's capture of the Iranian tanker.

BBC and Reuters reported the US asked the UK to capture the Iranian ship and a Spanish senior diplomat also expressed the same view.

The US, which has long been at odds with Iran, declared early this year that it would impose a total blockade against Iran's oil export and enforced sanctions against some leading exporters of metals.

Most recently, the US Department of Treasury slapped sanctions against the Persian Gulf petrochemical industry company of Iran embracing 39 subsidiaries and overseas agencies on the pretext that it gave financial assistance to the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

The US tries to block Iran's every source of income including oil by dint of sanctions.

It seems very likely that the US had a hand in the current incident in a bid to bar Iran from exporting oil and aggravate Iran-Europe relations.

Analysts foresee that the broken relationship between Iran and the UK will not be mended easily due to the collusion between the US and other Western countries.

(Pyongyang Times -  August 2, 2019)

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