Anti-Japanese actions launched in S Korea

By Min Chol

Anti-Japanese sentiments are now running high in south Korea with Japan's unjust trade retaliation as the momentum.

boycott japan
(Press Rally Condemning Abe, Seoul, August 2)

Civil society organizations from all backgrounds have held anti-Japanese demonstrations day after day in front of the Japanese embassy, office building of the Mitsubishi business and monuments dedicated to the memory of sex slaves in Taegu and Taejon.

They said that the Japanese authorities recently took economic retaliatory measures in response to the south Korean supreme court's decision on indemnifying the victims of forcible drafting.

Probe into the truth through Japan's admission of forcible drafting crime, the recovery of human rights including the apology and reparation by the Japanese government and war criminal enterprises, the mourning of victims and the prevention of recurrence through history education are basic principles to resolve the issue of past history that can never be given up, they noted, calling on the locals to turn out like one in the fight against Japan, as they did in candlelight vigils, till Japan makes an apology and reparations for the past sins.

Those in Taegu and North Kyongsang Province held a joint press conference and censured the Japanese authorities for impairing the dignity of victims with an attitude and policy of a thief raising a hue and cry instead of making an honest apology and soul-searching for the past crimes including sexual slavery, economic exploitation, massacre and forcible drafting. They warned that they would get into a fight in solidarity with the international community if the Japanese government kept taking retaliatory measures in the economic field.

Similar organizations in the Taejon area said that Japan's economic retaliation necessitates the immediate anti-Japanese practical actions of the locals, adding that they would erect the statue of forcibly drafted worker and turn out in strong counteractions.

The south Korean people from all walks of life continue to expand various anti-Japanese movements including a boycott against Japanese goods, the signature collection demanding the cancellation of economic retaliation and the fund-raising for erecting the statue of forcibly drafted worker.

Branding Japan's export restriction as an economic war and an act of aggression, progressive political parties call for responding resolutely and thoroughly against Japan's irrational moves.

(Pyongyang Times -  August 2, 2019)

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