Abrogation of humiliating agreement demanded

By Om Ryong

According to south Korean internet newspaper Ohmy News, the Kyongnam alliance for progress issued a statement on July 19 to demand the south Korea-Japan military information security agreement be abrogated.

dispute between S Korea and Japan
(Seoul stree-side TV news of Japan's deleting S Korea from 'white list' on August 2. Ohmynews photo)

Japan, which has long dreamed of reviving militarism, concluded the agreement as Park Geun Hye took power as part of its bid for militarization, the statement said.

As the Park regime collapsed and the era of peace and cooperation came in the Korean peninsula in the wake of candlelight protests, Japan has provoked the new south Korean government in revenge, it said.

It revealed that Japan intends to put pressure on south Korea by shaking its economic foundations with provocative retaliatory measures while helping the Liberal Korea Party come back to power, in a desperate bid to achieve their purposes.

The humiliating military information security agreement should be abrogated to resolutely counter impudent Japan, it noted.

(Pyongyang Times -  August 4, 2019)

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