Abe to dig his grave by revising constitution

In Minju Joson

Tokyo Shimbun recently reported that the chief executive of Japan is going to propose an earlier holding of discussion on constitutional revision to opposition parties and furthermore, reshuffle the Cabinet and the Liberal Democratic Party in mid-September for the successful discussion.

Minjung Party
(Anti-Abe sitting by members of Minjung Party in front of Japan embassy in Seoul, August 4, 2019.)

Herein lies the ambition of the chief executive to create the conditions favorable for the constitutional amendment by building up public opinion and replacing figures of the government and the ruling party with supporters to the constitutional revision.

It clearly shows what the object of his policy is and how persistently he is laying the foundations for its realization.

He seeks to rid Japan of the postwar system during his term of office. In other words, he wishes to pave a broad avenue for the militaristic ambition for overseas expansion by completely rewriting the present constitution and thus making Japan "an ordinary state" with the right to go to war.

This proves that the present ruling quarters of Japan are busy to realize their wild ambition for overseas aggression, irrespective of what the Japanese people want.

The Japanese ruling forces including the chief executive regard the constitutional revision as a primary political task, but it is as foolish an act as digging their own graves.

The Japanese reactionaries had better atone for the past crimes instead of revising the constitution, well aware of the historical lessons.

(KCNA -  August 8, 2019)

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