Japan's attempt to revive militarism hit in S Korea

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According to the south Korean Internet newspaper Tongil News, some civic and public organizations of south Korea held a joint news conference in Seoul on Aug. 13 on the occasion of Aug. 15.

The organizations disclosed in a press release that Japan has denied the history of its invasion in the past, destroyed peace in the East Asia and pursued rearmament.

It pointed out that Japan's such moves can never be tolerated as they are in total denial about the history of the Japanese imperialists' invasion which inflicted pain and death on many people in the past.

It said the civic and public bodies, in concert with all the citizens who love justice, human rights and peace, will surely frustrate Japan's attempt to revive militarism as it tries to make an excuse for rearmament with economic provocations as a momentum.

(KCNA -  August 17, 2019)

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