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Kim Jong Un inspects Yangdok hot spring resort

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, gave field guidance to the construction site of the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort.

Making rounds of various places of the construction site of the hot spring resort for a long time, Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces Kim Jong Un said with satisfaction that the characteristics of nature and topography were well preserved and a peculiar resort was formed in good harmony with the surrounding environment as planned by the Party and the section and arrangement are practical and every building is impeccable in view of architectural beauty.

Saying that the sphere of a new cultural and emotional life in which skiing ground is combined with hot-spring recreation ground was created, he noted with pleasure that the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort is the edifice in which the …

Choe Son Hui reproves Pompeo and others

By DPRK First Vice-FM Choe Son Hui

Choe Son Hui, first vice-foreign minister of the DPRK, released the following statement on Saturday:

A series of awful remarks provoking us is recently heard from the upper echelons of the U.S. administration.

U.S. State Secretary Pompeo again irritated us by spouting such unreasonable words on Aug. 27 that the U.S. "recognized North Korea's rogue behavior could not be ignored."

What he uttered to seriously insult us by even using such phrase as "rogue behavior" is just improper language, for which the U.S. administration will surely regret.

Pompeo has gone so far in his language and it made the opening of the expected DPRK-U.S. working-level negotiations more difficult. It, moreover, added to the Korean people's bad blood toward Americans.

Our expectations of dialogue with the U.S. are gradually disappearing and we are being pushed to reexamine all the measures we have taken so far.

We are very curious abou…

DPRK will always emerge victorious

DPRK will always emerge victorious as it has enormous self-defence capability

By Myong Ju Hyok
Rodong Sinmun

A series of news upon the development and completion of weapons of Juche demonstrating the powerful military muscle of socialist Korea is infusing the Korean people with greater pride and honor of being citizens of a powerful nation and confidence in and optimism about sure victory.

It is the greatest victory ever achieved by the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean people since the foundation of the DPRK that they gained a strong treasured sword for preserving peace by dauntlessly weathering unprecedented ordeals and difficulties. It is also an auspicious great event to be celebrated for all ages, as it provided to posterity sure guarantee for the most dignified and happiest life in the world.

A series of successes being witnessed in bolstering the capabilities for self-defence helps the people bear deeper in their minds that their country is an impregnable fortress no one d…

S Korean newspaper criticizes US interference

Voice of People, an internet newspaper of south Korea, in an editorial on Thursday criticized the U.S. for interfering in the internal affairs of south Korea.

It blamed the U.S. for forcing south Korea through various channels to retract its decision to end the general security of military intelligence agreement (GSOMIA) and unilaterally siding with Japan to take issue with south Korea over its drill for defending Tok Island.

Pointing out that the abrogation of GSOMIA is just an internal affair of south Korea, the newspaper warned if the U.S. continues its interference, strong anti-Japanese campaign of south Koreans may target the U.S.

(KCNA - August 30, 2019)

Sacked workers demand reinstatement in S Korea

Part-time workers held a press conference outside the building of "GM" in demand of the reinstatement of sacked workers, according to the south Korean CBS on August 26.

Speakers accused the management of taking an unreasonable step for dismissal on the pretext of business depression.

They said that they would launch an indefinite group hunger strike until the sacked are reinstated.

At the end of the press conference, they went into hunger strike.

(KCNA - August 30, 2019)

European trio thinking way rigid and prejudiced

By Kim Son Gyong
Adviser from Korea-Europe Association

Kim Son Gyong, adviser from the Korea-Europe Association released the following statement on Thursday:

The United Kingdom, France and Germany, which were recently denouncing our regular military exercises and self-defensive measures as "provocation" or "violation of resolutions" of the UN Security Council, brought the issue to the UN Security Council and released a so-called 3-state "joint statement" on August 27.

The United Kingdom, France and Germany are meddling every time with our self-defensive measures for arms modernization. These are preposterous actions which no one will ever understand.

The UNSC "resolutions" targeting the DPRK - which these countries employ as a yardstick for denouncing the DPRK - are no less than illegal and inhumane documents that prove to flagrantly violate the UN Charter and other universally recognized international laws and trample the rights …

DPRK 14th SPA holds 2nd session

The 2nd Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was held at the Mansudae Assembly Hall on Thursday.

Deputies to the SPA attended the session.

The session decided on the following agenda items:

1. On some amendments and supplements to the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK

2. Organizational matters

Deputy Choe Ryong Hae, president of the SPA Presidium, made a report on the first agenda item.

He said that the session would examine and adopt draft amendments and supplements to the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK in order to provide a firm legal guarantee for stepping up the building of a powerful socialist nation more dynamically under the monolithic guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

He recalled that for a long time since its adoption the Socialist Constitution has successfully performed its revolutionary mission and role as a legal weapon for strictly ensuring the monolithic guidance of the leader over the revolu…

Kim Jong Un sends wreath to bier of Li Zade

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Monday sent a wreath to the bier of Li Zade, a Korean anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter in China, expressing deep condolences over her death.

He also sent a message of condolence to the bereaved family.

In the message, he expressed deep condolences to the bereaved family upon the sad news that Li Zade passed away to his regret.

(KCNA - August 28, 2019)

Ridiculous LKP's wild power ambition


Of late, the "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea on the verge of ruin is busy rallying like-minded forces under the signboard of "great unification of the conservatives."

Hwang Kyo An, representative of the party, said that "all conservative right-wingers should pool their efforts and share the same intention to check the tyranny of Moon Jae In." Ra Kyong Won, floor leader of the party, calls for merging with "Parun Mirae Party".

These are nothing but a political trickery for realizing their ambition to seize power.

To look back on history, the group of conservatives has worked hard to extend the influence of its party while raking up even conservatives antagonistic towards each other with the "presidential election", elections to the local self-governing bodies and others as occasions.

The same is the purpose sought by the "Liberal Korea Party" in calling for "mega-merging of the conservatives".

After the …

South Korean military reckless arms build-up

The south Korean military war maniacs are now becoming more and more reckless in arms build-up against the DPRK.

The south Korean military on Aug. 14 made public "2020-2024 mid-term defence plan," the keynote of which is to "cope with the north's threat" and to "build up strategic deterrent," and announced that it would increase next year's defense budget 8.5 percent more than this year's.

Efforts will be reportedly concentrated on developing an integrated fire warship, precision guided munitions, etc. and improving their capabilities according to the plan that set it as the primary task for the strengthening of combat power to "bolster up the strategic deterrent for coping with threats of the north's nukes and WMDs".

Amid the deployment of F-35As for action this year, the south Korean military made it as a fait accompli to build a multipurpose light carrier-class transport ship that can serve as a base for F-35Bs, which shows it…

DPRK youth and students dancing party

A dancing party of youth and students took place at the Kim Il Sung Square in the evening of August 28, the Youth Day.

Amid the playing of "Song of Youth", the participants represented a sea of dancers with the pride of glorifying the proud history and tradition of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist youth movement and hastening the rosy future of socialism.

They danced to the tune of such songs as "Our Leader Loved by People".

The atmosphere of the dancing party was further revved up with songs sung by members of the art squad of the Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League on the peculiarly decorated outdoor stage in the square.

(KCNA -  August 28, 2019)

Great youth army guarantees DPRK rosy future

By Rodong Sinmun

The long history of the Korean youth movement is the one of the peerlessly great men's unique idea of attaching importance to the youth and their wise leadership and the proud one in which the ardent loyalty and patriotic devotion of the Korean youth to the Party, leader, country and people have strikingly been displayed.

In the whole period of the revolutionary leadership, President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il set it as one of the most important state affairs and a strategic line of the revolution to give priority to the youth, perfectly resolved the issue of the youth for the first time in history and built a youth power without an equal in the world through their wise leadership. They are the distinguished feats performed by the great leaders.

Today the Korean youth movement has entered the golden age of its development as it holds Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem.

It is the greatest pride and strength of Juche Korea to have the excellent rank…

Japanese imperialists' plunder of rice from Korea


The Japanese imperialists committed an indelible crime of plundering rice from Korea after illegally occupying it in the last century.

They, regarding the rice plunder as the most important link for realizing their colonial economic predatory policy, took away 487 000 soks (one sok is equal to approximately 5 bushels) of rice in 1910 and 500 000 soks of rice in 1911.

They proclaimed the "rule for Korean rice conditioning" in February 1913 and adopted it as their policy to overcome the shortage of rice in Japan by plundering Korea of rice.

According to the rule, the Korean peasants were deprived of 2.3 million soks of rice in 1914 and 2.8 million soks of rice in 1919.

Ushering in the 1920s, the Japanese imperialists staged on a full scale the rice plunder by working out "the plan for the increased production of grain".

Due to the predatory policy of the Japanese imperialists, the Korean people were at the risk of starvation and poverty.

After occupying Manch…

Self-destructive act bringing earlier end of Japan

Commentary in Minju Joson

Recently, the Defence Ministry of Japan decided to purchase from the U.S. for the air "Self-Defence Force" F-35Bs which are reported to be operated at escort ship Izumo that will be remodeled into a carrier.

It is a revelation of the wild ambition to put spurs to turning Japan into a military giant by enhancing the attack capabilities of "Self-Defense Forces".

Japan emerges as a dangerous force of aggression posing grave threat to peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

The size and capabilities of the SDF have already gone beyond the restriction of "exclusive defense". Mobile strike and operation capabilities of the SDF have been highly upgraded in the land, sea and sky with its military hardware for attack rapidly updated and remodeled.

Clear is the purpose. The present ruling quarters of Japan seek to turn the SDF into offensive aggression forces capable of fighting any battles at any time and any place.

It is as clear …

Group visit to revive militarist specters

By Ra Myong Song
Rodong Sinmun

The Japanese chief executive made an offering to the Yasukuni Shrine and nearly fifty lawmakers paid a visit to the shrine to revive the departed souls of militarists on the day of the Japanese imperialists' defeat.

The group visit to the shrine by the Japanese politicians reveals that they have no idea for reflection on and apology for the past wars of aggression, but only seek overseas aggression following in their predecessors' footsteps.

The Japanese ruling quarters turned the day of the defeat as a lever for reviving the departed souls of militarists and fostering public atmosphere for overseas aggression. Herein lies the real purpose they sought through visit to the shrine on August 15, the day of the Japanese imperialists' defeat.

The Japanese incumbent chief executive's push for the constitutional revision, frantic distortion of history designed to evade the atonement for the past and overseas dispatch of "Self-Defense Forces…

Rush to war state brings ruin of island country


The Japan Defence Ministry recently announced that it officially decided to introduce F-35B to the air "Self-defence Force".

This senseless act is aimed to bolster the attack ability of the SDF and turn the country into a military power and realize its overseas expansion at any cost.

The introduction of the fighter also aims at the operation of carrier-level Izumo escort ship.

Military experts contend that the combination of F-35B with an attack landing ship will help the fleet acquire "qualitative surge" in attack capability, commenting that their overall combat power will be no less than U.S. carrier equipped with F/A-18E/F.

Japan armed the air SDF with the state-of-the art fighter and made naval SDF's possession of a carrier a fait accompli. This shows the true colors of Japan as an aggressor country which has thrown off its mask of "exclusive defence" that had been so far kept for mere form's sake.

Japan rushes headlong into a war stat…

Kim Jong Un guides test-fire of super-large launcher

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, guided the test-fire of newly developed super-large multiple rocket launcher on Saturday.

The Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces learnt about the development of the super-large multiple rocket launcher system and issued an order to start the test-fire.

The test-fire proved that all the tactical and technological specifications of the system correctly reached the preset indexes.

He gave high appreciation, saying that it is, indeed, a great weapon, our young national defence scientists are so clever as to conceive out of their own heads and design and complete the weapon system at one go-off although they have never seen it, and they have performed a great work.

What made him happy today is that a contingent of young and promising talents who will shoulder upon the rapi…

US demands hike in ‘defence cost sharing’

By Choe Yong Nam

The south Korean authorities that are faced with a serious crisis caused by Japan’s shameless economic aggression are pressurized into increasing “defence cost sharing” by the US before the negotiations for the 11th special agreement on defence cost sharing.

The US asserts that south Korea has an obligation to make a contribution to military protection offered by Americans and they also need to exact the costs for joint war exercises. Shortly ago, it advertised that south Korea agreed to pay more money to the US and negotiations are under way. Under the circumstances, the US Department of State said that the increment of defence cost sharing was one of the problems they have pushed stubbornly.

The reality clearly proves that “blood alliance” and “sound alliance” with the US much touted by south Korea whenever the opportunity arises are a noose of domination and plunder for the own interests of the US.

The problem is that the south Korean authorities showed a sign to a…

Chairman Kim Jong Il and Day of Songun


August 25 is the Day of Songun in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

On August 25, Juche 49 (1960), Chairman Kim Jong Il started his Songun revolutionary leadership with his visit to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People's Army (KPA).

Songun was his revolutionary idea and practice, and political faith and mode.

From that time, the Chairman continued his inspection of units of the KPA to strengthen them into the leader's army and invincible revolutionary armed forces.

He victoriously advanced the revolution and construction with the KPA as the pillar and the main force.

Thanks to his energetic leadership, servicepersons were trained to be ones strong in idea and faith and a-match-for-a-hundred fighters, the KPA was strengthened into an invincible revolutionary Paektusan army and the great army-people unity further consolidated.

The DPRK could win victory after victory in defending socialism despite stern ordeals and tempests…

Kim Jong Il's exploits in Songun revolution

By Rodong Sinmun

Rodong Sinmun says in an editorial on Sunday that Chairman Kim Jong Il's start of the Songun revolutionary leadership with his visit to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People's Army (KPA) on August 25, Juche 49 (1960) was a historic event of great significance in accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

Thanks to Kim Jong Un's guidance, President Kim Il Sung's idea of attaching importance to the army and the military affairs and the ever-victorious tradition of our revolution have been successfully carried forward and the dignity, status and national power of the country put on the highest level.

Kim Jong Il's history of Songun revolution can be called a heroic epic adorned with the immortal exploits he performed in the revolutionary cause of Juche while covering the unexplored path with his iron will and superhuman energy.

Kim Jong Il, who cherished as his belief the iron truth that the arms of the revolutio…

Talk between Kim Jin Su and Huang Kunming held

Delegation of Rodong Sinmun Offices meets CPC CC Publicity Department head

A delegation of the Rodong Sinmun Offices of the DPRK headed by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kim Jin Su on a visit to China met and had a talk with Huang Kunming, member of the Political Bureau, member of the Secretariat and head of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on August 23.

Huang Kunming said that the friendly relations between China and the DPRK, common precious wealth provided by the leaders of the elder generation of the two countries, open a new historic chapter thanks to the five meetings between General Secretary Xi Jinping and Chairman Kim Jong Un.

He hoped that the Korean people would achieve excellent successes in the struggle for implementing the five-year strategy for national economic development under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un.

He expressed his expectation that the party papers of the two cou…

Sanctions will never work on DPRK

By Jong Hyon

Jong Hyon on Saturday made public the following article titled "Sanctions will never work on the DPRK":

The prestige of the DPRK advancing on the strength of self-reliance is drawing the worldwide attention.

At this time, the director of the CNA Institute of the United States said that sanctions will be futile in the future, too, not only at present in an article posted on website The Hill recently.

There he maintained that the U.S. conservative rulers must admit that their maximum pressure policy failed and sanctions will not make north Korea change its mind.

This can be viewed as a frank assessment of the U.S. sanctions and pressure that never work on the DPRK.

It seems that the U.S. has not yet been departed from its old way of thinking, when considering various statements from political circles in Washington D.C.

The U.S. is resorting to military acts hostile toward the DPRK on the one hand and on the other hand is calling for "more pressure and san…

Old foes cross swords in the Gulf

By Song Jong Ho

The confrontational landscape in the Gulf region is polarizing into Iran versus US and other Western camps.

As was reported in May and June, oil tankers came under attack while on voyage in the sea off the UAE and the Oman Sea, and it is yet to find out who attacked them with what.

However, the US recklessly put the blame for it on Iran, instigating an atmosphere for pressurizing Iran.

Under the circumstances, the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps shot down a US unmanned reconnaissance plane RQ-4A Global Hawk on an espionage mission in the sky above the Strait of Hormuz on June 19.

The US claimed that its aircraft was brought down while flying over the open sea by an Iranian anti-aircraft system and clamoured for retaliation. Iran made public a map with the specific coordinates showing the US drone intruded into its territorial air, saying there is no doubt about the position of the aircraft when it was shot down.

The incident came under the limelight of the inte…

DPRK supports China for 'one country, two systems'

By Jo Thaek Bom
Rodong Sinmun

The situation is getting serious in Hong Kong, China as demonstrations against the revision of the law there have assumed the tendency of opposing the social system and the government.

What matters is that the interference by the outside world is making the Hong Kong crisis more and more complicated.

Extremists, encouraged by this, are openly asserting the intervention in the crisis by the U.S. and other Western forces, chanting "Let's liberate Hong Kong" and other slogans.

It is the steadfast determination and will of the Chinese party and government to maintain the line of "one country and two systems" and defend the sovereignty, security and interests of the country.

The Chinese Party and government are holding fast to the principle of settling the crisis by way of maintaining prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, ensuring rights and freedom of inhabitants according to the basic law and handling hooligans through legal actions…

S Korea should ponder over serious consequences

Commentary in Minju Joson

The south Korean authorities recently made public "2020-2024 mid-term defence plan".

Under the plan they would reportedly spend 271.2 billion USD for "defence budget", an 8.5% increase from "2019-2023 mid-term defence plan". They also touted that they set "strategic deterrence to cope with threats" from someone as a "top priority task for building up the armed forces" and decided to earmark 31.7 billion USD for it.

The wild military act of the south Korean authorities revealed before the world once again that they have no intention to implement the north-south agreement in the military field.

The publication of the arms buildup plan gave clarity to the true intention of the south Korean authorities.

It shows they remain unchanged in their wicked ambition to stand in military confrontation with the DPRK.

It is foolhardy for the south Korean authorities to think of standing in military confrontation with the D…

DPRK FM rebukes Pompeo's anti-DPRK malarkey

By DPRK FM Ri Yong Ho

Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Ri Yong Ho made public the following statement Friday:

U.S. State Secretary Pompeo, when interviewed by a U.S. newspaper Wednesday, said if north Korea does not set out to denuclearize itself, the U.S. will maintain the strongest sanctions in history to make it confirm that the denuclearization is the right way. (*Washington Examiner -KR)

Just as a saying goes "A crow never becomes whiter for often washing", he is the diehard toxin of the U.S. diplomacy.

On April 24 he cited what he called a "lane change" in an interview with the U.S. media only to be snubbed.

Nothing decent can be expected from Pompeo, a man subject to strong censure from many countries for adopting the most wicked methods of the Central Intelligence Agency as diplomatic means in every part of the world. But what arouses concerns is a string of senseless remarks made by the man heading the U.S. negoti…

Japan's national discrimination denounced

By DPRK FM Spokesperson

A spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea made public a press statement on Friday in denunciation of the unfair move of national discrimination now being taken by the Japanese government against the Korean children resident in Japan:

KCTV (ko)
It is an extremely unequal and heinous move of national discrimination to exclude from the free-of-charge system the children of the Korean residents in Japan who discharge their consumption tax payment obligation exactly the way the Japanese people do.

This unfair discrimination by the Japanese reactionaries is a fascist act unprecedented in history, designed to throw all the Korean residents in Japan into the vortex of national chauvinism and obliterate by all means the nationality within the community of Korean residents in Japan.

This reality explicitly attests to the hypocrisy of the previous remarks occasionally made by the Japanese authorities …

Japan should drop bad habit of faulting others


"Specified missing persons", who were suspected "to have been abducted by north Korea," have been found one after another in Japan.

The police of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan recently announced that a man in his seventies who had gone missing in 1974 was found and that the findings ruled out the possibility of being abducted.

The man who, Japan asserted, had been "abducted" by the DPRK was found to live in his own country for decades, which leaves no excuses for Japan to defend itself.

It clearly shows once again that "the issue of Japanese abducted by north Korea" much touted by Japan was an absurd make-up.

It comes to be another occasion to vividly expose the sinister intention of Japan persisting in the already worn-out "abduction issue", bringing a disgrace on Japan drawing the international community's ridicule.

The "abduction issue" is one of the most flagrant means exploited by the Japanese reacti…

Situation on Korean peninsula is not tool for Japan


Very noticeable under the present situation is the military move of Japan.

The Japan Defense Minister recently described the DPRK's legitimate military measures for self-defence as sort of "threats" and called for further beefing up Japan's missile defence system. He also voiced his invariable stand for the deployment of Aegis Ashore despite strong rebuff at home and abroad.

This act expressly aggravating the regional situation vividly shows the crafty aim of the Japanese reactionaries to use the present stalemate on the Korean peninsula as a good opportunity for arms buildup.

It is a trite method used by the island country to deliberately strain the situation and use it as a pretext for openly pushing forward the moves for becoming a military power under the signboard of "defence".

Persistently spreading the story of the "threats from north Korea" in the past, Japan abused it for realizing its militarist ambition and found pleasur…

Japan should not connect missing persons with DPRK

By Pak Ye Gyong
Rodong Sinmun

The Japanese police recently announced that a man who had been missing was found at home. Police used to assert that they "could not rule out the possibility of his abduction by north Korea."

He went missing in 1974 and was found in Miyazaki Prefecture in November last year.

According to the survey findings, he was not abducted.

This shows the whole world once again how absurd the Japanese reactionaries' trite stories of abductions are.

Lurking behind Japan's story about the abduction issue is the sinister intention of tarnishing the DPRK's image and evading the responsibility for the past crimes.

However, it is a foolish act.

The real abduction state, the world's abduction kingpin, is none other than Japan.

The Imjin Patriotic War, which the Japanese themselves call "the man-hunting war and cultural assets-plundering war," and all sorts of abductions, which were perpetrated by Japan after it occupied Korea in the first…

Democratic Lawyers Association of Korea blasts Japan

By DLAK Spokesperson

A spokesperson for the Democratic Lawyers Association of Korea issued a statement on Aug. 22 to condemn the Japanese authorities for making a base move to exclude the infant classes of the Korean schools in Japan from the free infant education and upbringing system.

The spokesperson said that it is a fundamental requirement of international law that the interests of children, the hope of the future and the flowers of the future, are prioritized and financial support to them is ensured.

The Japanese authorities are going to exclude Korean children from the above-said system under the pretext of "the contents of education which fail to meet the requirement of the standard," and herein lies the black-hearted political intention, the statement says, and continues:

In any country, mother tongue is what is mainly taught to children at nurseries and kindergartens.

This educational principle is very obvious but the Japanese authorities are deliberately…

S Korea should drop stand submissive toward US


The south Korean authorities are in trouble now under the pressure from the U.S. for increased "funds for defence" ahead of the 11th negotiations on the "special agreement on sharing the expenses for defence funds".

Keeping pressurizing south Korea to fulfill its obligation to contribute to military defence offered by the U.S. forces, the U.S. speaks loudly about its ally's promise to pay more money and the start of the negotiations for increased payment to the U.S.

The U.S. State Department recently emphasized that the increased "funds for defence" has been one of issues that the U.S. has pushed forward in a bid to make it an established fact even before the start of the negotiations.

What matters is that the south Korean authorities are showing a leaning toward accepting the U.S. gangster-like demand, while talking about "correct standard" and "improvement of supply method" regarding the "defence funds".…

NRI lays bare true colors of S Korean conservatives

By National Reunification Institute

The National Reunification Institute Thursday made public an indictment exposing to the world the sordid nature of treachery to the country and nation of the group of the south Korean conservatives and their notorious crimes:

Pro-Japanese traitors not abolished

The conservatives, pro-Japanese stooges and traitors, have not been abolished in south Korea, but they have earned an ill fame.

After the liberation of Korea on August 15, 1945, traitor Syngman Rhee was pointed out as class A stooge who would carry out the U.S. policy of new colony on the Korean peninsula.

As soon as he came to south Korea, he helped the pro-Japanese elements, who were on the verge of being liquidated after being sternly judged by the nation, find a way-out.

He faked up the "Liberal Party", the ancestor of the "Liberal Korea Party", with pro-Japanese elements who lived in wealth and honor by licking the Japanese imperialists' boots and committe…