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By Jong Hyon

Jong Hyon on Saturday made public the following article titled "Sanctions will never work on the DPRK":

The prestige of the DPRK advancing on the strength of self-reliance is drawing the worldwide attention.

At this time, the director of the CNA Institute of the United States said that sanctions will be futile in the future, too, not only at present in an article posted on website The Hill recently.

There he maintained that the U.S. conservative rulers must admit that their maximum pressure policy failed and sanctions will not make north Korea change its mind.

This can be viewed as a frank assessment of the U.S. sanctions and pressure that never work on the DPRK.

It seems that the U.S. has not yet been departed from its old way of thinking, when considering various statements from political circles in Washington D.C.

The U.S. is resorting to military acts hostile toward the DPRK on the one hand and on the other hand is calling for "more pressure and san…

By Jo Thaek Bom
Rodong Sinmun

The situation is getting serious in Hong Kong, China as demonstrations against the revision of the law there have assumed the tendency of opposing the social system and the government.

What matters is that the interference by the outside world is making the Hong Kong crisis more and more complicated.

Extremists, encouraged by this, are openly asserting the intervention in the crisis by the U.S. and other Western forces, chanting "Let's liberate Hong Kong" and other slogans.

It is the steadfast determination and will of the Chinese party and government to maintain the line of "one country and two systems" and defend the sovereignty, security and interests of the country.

The Chinese Party and government are holding fast to the principle of settling the crisis by way of maintaining prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, ensuring rights and freedom of inhabitants according to the basic law and handling hooligans through legal actions…

Commentary in Minju Joson

The south Korean authorities recently made public "2020-2024 mid-term defence plan".

Under the plan they would reportedly spend 271.2 billion USD for "defence budget", an 8.5% increase from "2019-2023 mid-term defence plan". They also touted that they set "strategic deterrence to cope with threats" from someone as a "top priority task for building up the armed forces" and decided to earmark 31.7 billion USD for it.

The wild military act of the south Korean authorities revealed before the world once again that they have no intention to implement the north-south agreement in the military field.

The publication of the arms buildup plan gave clarity to the true intention of the south Korean authorities.

It shows they remain unchanged in their wicked ambition to stand in military confrontation with the DPRK.

It is foolhardy for the south Korean authorities to think of standing in military confrontation with the DPR…

By DPRK FM Ri Yong Ho

Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Ri Yong Ho made public the following statement Friday:

U.S. State Secretary Pompeo, when interviewed by a U.S. newspaper Wednesday, said if north Korea does not set out to denuclearize itself, the U.S. will maintain the strongest sanctions in history to make it confirm that the denuclearization is the right way. (*Washington Examiner -KR)

Just as a saying goes "A crow never becomes whiter for often washing", he is the diehard toxin of the U.S. diplomacy.

On April 24 he cited what he called a "lane change" in an interview with the U.S. media only to be snubbed.

Nothing decent can be expected from Pompeo, a man subject to strong censure from many countries for adopting the most wicked methods of the Central Intelligence Agency as diplomatic means in every part of the world. But what arouses concerns is a string of senseless remarks made by the man heading the U.S. negoti…

By DPRK FM Spokesperson

A spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea made public a press statement on Friday in denunciation of the unfair move of national discrimination now being taken by the Japanese government against the Korean children resident in Japan:

KCTV (ko)
It is an extremely unequal and heinous move of national discrimination to exclude from the free-of-charge system the children of the Korean residents in Japan who discharge their consumption tax payment obligation exactly the way the Japanese people do.

This unfair discrimination by the Japanese reactionaries is a fascist act unprecedented in history, designed to throw all the Korean residents in Japan into the vortex of national chauvinism and obliterate by all means the nationality within the community of Korean residents in Japan.

This reality explicitly attests to the hypocrisy of the previous remarks occasionally made by the Japanese authorities …


"Specified missing persons", who were suspected "to have been abducted by north Korea," have been found one after another in Japan.

The police of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan recently announced that a man in his seventies who had gone missing in 1974 was found and that the findings ruled out the possibility of being abducted.

The man who, Japan asserted, had been "abducted" by the DPRK was found to live in his own country for decades, which leaves no excuses for Japan to defend itself.

It clearly shows once again that "the issue of Japanese abducted by north Korea" much touted by Japan was an absurd make-up.

It comes to be another occasion to vividly expose the sinister intention of Japan persisting in the already worn-out "abduction issue", bringing a disgrace on Japan drawing the international community's ridicule.

The "abduction issue" is one of the most flagrant means exploited by the Japanese reacti…


Very noticeable under the present situation is the military move of Japan.

The Japan Defense Minister recently described the DPRK's legitimate military measures for self-defence as sort of "threats" and called for further beefing up Japan's missile defence system. He also voiced his invariable stand for the deployment of Aegis Ashore despite strong rebuff at home and abroad.

This act expressly aggravating the regional situation vividly shows the crafty aim of the Japanese reactionaries to use the present stalemate on the Korean peninsula as a good opportunity for arms buildup.

It is a trite method used by the island country to deliberately strain the situation and use it as a pretext for openly pushing forward the moves for becoming a military power under the signboard of "defence".

Persistently spreading the story of the "threats from north Korea" in the past, Japan abused it for realizing its militarist ambition and found pleasur…

By Pak Ye Gyong
Rodong Sinmun

The Japanese police recently announced that a man who had been missing was found at home. Police used to assert that they "could not rule out the possibility of his abduction by north Korea."

He went missing in 1974 and was found in Miyazaki Prefecture in November last year.

According to the survey findings, he was not abducted.

This shows the whole world once again how absurd the Japanese reactionaries' trite stories of abductions are.

Lurking behind Japan's story about the abduction issue is the sinister intention of tarnishing the DPRK's image and evading the responsibility for the past crimes.

However, it is a foolish act.

The real abduction state, the world's abduction kingpin, is none other than Japan.

The Imjin Patriotic War, which the Japanese themselves call "the man-hunting war and cultural assets-plundering war," and all sorts of abductions, which were perpetrated by Japan after it occupied Korea in the first…

By DLAK Spokesperson

A spokesperson for the Democratic Lawyers Association of Korea issued a statement on Aug. 22 to condemn the Japanese authorities for making a base move to exclude the infant classes of the Korean schools in Japan from the free infant education and upbringing system.

The spokesperson said that it is a fundamental requirement of international law that the interests of children, the hope of the future and the flowers of the future, are prioritized and financial support to them is ensured.

The Japanese authorities are going to exclude Korean children from the above-said system under the pretext of "the contents of education which fail to meet the requirement of the standard," and herein lies the black-hearted political intention, the statement says, and continues:

In any country, mother tongue is what is mainly taught to children at nurseries and kindergartens.

This educational principle is very obvious but the Japanese authorities are deliberately…


The south Korean authorities are in trouble now under the pressure from the U.S. for increased "funds for defence" ahead of the 11th negotiations on the "special agreement on sharing the expenses for defence funds".

Keeping pressurizing south Korea to fulfill its obligation to contribute to military defence offered by the U.S. forces, the U.S. speaks loudly about its ally's promise to pay more money and the start of the negotiations for increased payment to the U.S.

The U.S. State Department recently emphasized that the increased "funds for defence" has been one of issues that the U.S. has pushed forward in a bid to make it an established fact even before the start of the negotiations.

What matters is that the south Korean authorities are showing a leaning toward accepting the U.S. gangster-like demand, while talking about "correct standard" and "improvement of supply method" regarding the "defence funds".…

By National Reunification Institute

The National Reunification Institute Thursday made public an indictment exposing to the world the sordid nature of treachery to the country and nation of the group of the south Korean conservatives and their notorious crimes:

Pro-Japanese traitors not abolished

The conservatives, pro-Japanese stooges and traitors, have not been abolished in south Korea, but they have earned an ill fame.

After the liberation of Korea on August 15, 1945, traitor Syngman Rhee was pointed out as class A stooge who would carry out the U.S. policy of new colony on the Korean peninsula.

As soon as he came to south Korea, he helped the pro-Japanese elements, who were on the verge of being liquidated after being sternly judged by the nation, find a way-out.

He faked up the "Liberal Party", the ancestor of the "Liberal Korea Party", with pro-Japanese elements who lived in wealth and honor by licking the Japanese imperialists' boots and committe…

"Tonggukbyonggam", a military book of the eastern country, is a classic heritage of the Korean nation.

The book, divided into two volumes, deals with the data on wars in Korea for about 1 500 years from the ancient times to the late 14th century.

The book published in around 1450 was written by Jong Rin Ji and Ri Sok Hyong, bureaucratic scholars in the early years of the feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910).

Described in the book are the outbreak, processes and results of 37 rounds of anti-invasion wars.

The book shows the Korean people's history of struggle against foreign aggressors and the parts of the strategy and tactics. It is of great value in making a study of war histories, military arts and military systems in the ancient and medieval ages of Korea.

(KCNA -  August 22, 2019)

By DPRK MFA Spokesperson

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued the following press statement on Thursday:

Dangerous and unusual military moves are now on the horizon, which would trigger a new cold war on the Korean peninsula and in the region.

One such move is the introduction yet again by the south Korean authorities of "F-35A" stealth fighters from the United States shortly after the end of joint military exercises, despite our repeated warnings.

This act of continuously introducing the cutting-edge lethal equipment is a grave provocation that has openly denied the joint declarations and the military agreement between the north and the south of Korea, and as such, it only serves to graphically reveal again the hypocrisy and double-dealing conduct of the south Korean authorities who are noisily talking about making "efforts to do things more useful yet less harmful to dialogue."


President Kim Il Sung devoted his all to the victorious advance of the human cause of independence in his lifetime.

Thanks to his outstanding idea and wise leadership, the Korean people won victory in the anti-Japanese revolutionary war without state-backing home front and assistance of a regular army, put an end to the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists and liberated the country 70-odd years ago.

The President led the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle to victory to set the world example of national liberation struggle.

He also assisted materially and morally the national liberation struggle in colonial countries to wisely lead the human cause of independence.

He fully supported the armed struggle line of the Algerian National Liberation Front and gave a material assistance to the fighting Algerian people, while expressing solidarity for them by setting the day of Algeria and the week of Algeria.

When the Algerian people set up a provisional government, he recognize…

The embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Pyongyang, the capital city of the Democratic People's Republic Korea, was opened with due ceremony on Wednesday.

Present at the ceremony were Ruben Dario Molina, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, his party and Mauricio Andres Bardinet Tata, Venezuelan charge d'affaires ad interim in the DPRK.

Invited to the ceremony were DPRK Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Pak Myong Guk, officials concerned and foreign diplomatic envoys here.

Speeches were made there.

(KCNA -  August 21, 2019)

By Ri Hak Nam
Rodong Sinmun

The situation on the Korean peninsula where an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation had prevailed is getting tense again owing to the frantic U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises.

The U.S. and south Korea said that there was no movement of actual armed forces and equipment in the drill and it was for verification in a bid to justify the military drill and cover up its aggressive character. However, such sophism can never work on.

The recent joint military drill was the very dangerous one for war, test-war against the north, as it was run through with overpowering of the DPRK by prompt introduction of large-scale reinforcements and surprise strike.

The U.S.-south Korea joint military drill is a grave military provocation against the DPRK and challenge to and mockery of our efforts for peace. It is the open disregard and wanton violation of the June 12 DPRK-U.S. joint statement in which both sides agreed to establish new DPRK-U.S. relations and perma…

Commentary in Minju Joson

There took place an event at a museum in Warsaw, Poland some days ago to mourn for victims slaughtered by Nazi Germany.

At the event, the German foreign minister made an apology to the families of victims and other Polish people, saying that Germany will erect in Berlin a monument to the Polish victims of crimes committed by the Nazis.

Quite contrary to Germany's attitude towards the past settlement, Japan has behaved like a thief crying "stop thief!" since its defeat, far from making an apology and compensation for its blood-stained history of aggression.

Now, the Japanese reactionaries are working hard to bring back the days of the aggressive war when the Japanese imperialists invaded other countries, singing kimikayo and fluttering hinomaru.

To this end, they have made every vicious attempt to pave the way for aggression by revising the constitution while putting spurs to turning Japan into a military giant.

In a word, they are trying to ope…


Japan's mean nature has been revealed in the world's eyes once again.

It is going to exclude the facilities for upbringing children of foreign schools including the schools of Koreans in Japan from the system of free infant education and upbringing that was introduced in May.

This intolerable act of national discrimination is an unprecedented fascist one aimed to stamp out the national identity of the Koreans in Japan.

It is a widely known fact that the Japanese reactionaries have long maneuvered in a mean way by stopping the disbursement of educational aid funds and excluding Korean high schools from the system of free education for high school students with a purpose to stamp out national education, lifeline of the movement of Koreans in Japan.

But it is the first time they have stretched the dark tentacles even to innocent kindergarten children.

Due to such vicious moves of the Japanese politicians, parents of children attending Korean schools are only left …

By DPRK Education Commission

The Education Commission of the DPRK issued a statement on Wednesday to denounce the Japanese authorities for their desperate moves to exclude the Korean children in Japan from the free infant education and upbringing system.

The statement said that the Japanese authorities' behavior constitutes an illegal act and flagrant violation of human rights as it goes against international law such as the convention on the rights of the children which specifies that children should be provided with maximum benefits and financial support, and also against the spirit of "the law on support to upbringing children" instituted by Japan for all the children.

It condemned their behavior as an extension of the vicious hostile policy towards the DPRK which has been enforced for a long time and a base and childish act of violating the right of Koreans in Japan to national education.

All the facts clearly show that the Japanese reactionaries are the he…

By Ri Jong Kyong
Rodong Sinun

It is very important to model the youth league on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism in successfully carrying forward and implementing down through generations the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered on Paektu.

The meaning of modeling the youth league on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism lies in successfully waging the Juche-oriented youth movement by holding in high esteem President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il as the eternal leaders and regarding their revolutionary ideas as the guideline.

Stepping up the work dynamically is an important requirement for steadily strengthening the Workers' Party of Korea.

The ideological education of the young people is the basic task of the youth league, and the modeling process is the one of training them to be genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists. It is only when the modeling of the youth league on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is accelerated that all the young people can be trained to be genuine revolutionaries, who devot…

Commentary in Minju Joson

Recently, the chief executive of Japan expressed his strong will to revise the constitution at the general meeting of lawmakers from the Liberal Democratic Party again. And the vice-prime minister who doubles as minister of Finance said it is time to push ahead with the discussion on the constitutional revision.

It shows the Japanese ruling quarter's hysterical ambition for overseas expansion reaches an extremely reckless point.

The Japanese ruling quarter is eager to pave a way for aggression by revising the constitution without fail.

Japan's ceaseless introduction of ultra-modern offensive military hardware proves the deceptive nature of their clamor for "security".

It is their sinister intention that any weapon helpful to realizing their wild ambition for overseas aggression should be possessed though it is not for home defense and produces unrest among the people for frequent accidents.

Now, their reckless acts come to be a source not on…

By Sim Chol Yong
Rodong Sinmun

The "combined command exercises" staged by the south Korean warmongers together with the U.S. are an open hostility to and unpardonable military provocation against the DPRK.

Even though they let loose flowery words and change the codename of the exercises, the aggressive and provocative nature of the "combined command exercises" can never change.

The said exercises conducted in south Korea are a saber-rattling for making a preemptive attack on the DPRK from A to Z.

It was reported that the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the operation command of the army, navy and air force of south Korea, the south Korea-U.S. combined forces command, the U.S. forces command in south Korea and the U.S. pacific command were involved in the exercises.

This clearly proves that the "combined command exercises" are the extremely provocative saber-rattling aiming at invading and stifling the DPRK.

The warmongers gilded the "combined command exerci…

By Spokesperson
DPRK-Japan Friendship Association

The Japanese reactionaries have gone wilder in its moves to crack down and stamp out the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and Koreans in Japan by employing the despicable way baffling human imagination.

The Japanese authorities announced that they would grant the benefits of free expenses to all 3-5 year-old children at infant education and childcare facilities, including kindergartens and nurseries, from October 1. The enforcement of the "free infant education and child upbringing" system is pursuant to the "law on support to upbringing children" adopted at the Diet in May.

But due to the Japanese authorities' acts of discrimination a severe situation was created at present in which applications for approving childcare facilities for infant classes at Korean schools were all declined and they were excluded from the list of support.

The Japanese reactionaries' vulgar and…

By Kim Sung Gol
Rodong Sinmun

The current relationship between Iran and the US is so tense that they exchange rough words such as "mental disorder" and "annihilation".

Recently, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani spoke of the terms of negotiation with the US.

He said that if the US wants to negotiate with Iran, the US must lift all sanctions against Iran, and Washington could not force the Iranian people to change their views through sanctions and pressures.

US sanctions against Iran continue to expand over time.

US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Iranian foreign minister in late July. Iranian foreign minister wrote on Twitter that it had no effect on him, as he had no property or interests abroad.

Public opinion commented that US sanctions were not limited to Iranian foreign minister, namely the individual, but rather aimed at increasing the degrees of  pressure by creating obstacles to Iran's diplomatic activities.

Iran is strongly responding to …

A military delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) led by Army General Kim Su Gil, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army, on a visit to China met and had a talk with Chang Youxia, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China (PRC), at the August 1 Building in Beijing on Saturday.

Chang Youxia warmly welcomed the DPRK military delegation on behalf of the Central Military Commission of the PRC and said that the delegation's current visit is of weighty significance in bilateral exchange.

He said that the friendly relations between China and the DPRK, common precious wealth provided by the leaders of the elder generation of the two countries, open a new historic chapter thanks to the four China visits by Chairman Kim Jong Un and the DPRK visit by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

He stressed that it is a consistent and firm policy of China to further consolidate and excellently develop…

A military delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on a visit to the People's Republic of China (PRC) laid a wreath at the Monument to the People's Heroes in Tienanmen Square.

Present at the wreath-laying ceremony were members of the military delegation of the DPRK led by Army General Kim Su Gil, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army, the DPRK ambassador to China and the defence attache of the DPRK embassy and the assistant to the director of the political affairs department of the Central Military Commission of China and other military officials of China.

A wreath in the name of the military delegation of the DPRK was laid.

(KCNA -  August 19, 2019)

By Ri Kyong Ju

Ri Kyong Ju Sunday issued the following commentary "Pak Ji Won warned not to wag his tongue":

As the saying goes, "Call a dog a dog". Judging from the disgraceful behavior of foolish politicians of south Korea, the saying is quite appropriate for them.

"Lawmaker" Pak Ji Won let loose nonsense unfit for his advanced age, which annoys everyone.

Pak, who is impudent enough to style himself a man symbolic of the June 15 era, wagged his ill-smelling tongue this time, too.

In the wake of the DPRK's test-fire of a new weapon in Thongchon, Kangwon Province on August 16, he hurled a stream of abuse, asserting that the missile launch at the hometown of honorary Chairman Jong Ju Yong is against the generosity, to say the least of it, and should have been tabooed in view of the symbolic importance of Chairman Jong, and that the north proved to be a savage country.

Pak is a tramp and dirty man in terms of morality.

He had gone so shameless to …


The Committee for Aiding Overseas Compatriots of the DPRK issued a statement on Monday to denounce Japan which is dead set again on the policy of oppressing and obliterating the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and Koreans in Japan though it had called for "dialogue with the DPRK without precondition".

As already reported, the Japanese authorities will put into practice the measure of free expenses for all 3-5 year-old children at infant education and childcare facilities, including kindergartens and nurseries, from October 1, according to the "law on support to upbringing children" with "free infant education and child upbringing" as its content adopted at the Diet on May 10.

What matters is that the Japanese authorities openly express their intention to exclude the infant classes of Korean schools from the support system and work hard to do it.

Lurking behind the Japanese reactionaries' moves to exc…

Talks were held between Army General Kim Su Gil, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army who is leading a military delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on a visit to China, and Miao Hua, director of the political affairs department of the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China, on Friday afternoon at the August 1 Building in Beijing.

Present at the talks from the DPRK side were members of the DPRK military delegation, the DPRK ambassador to China and the defence attache of the DPRK embassy and from the Chinese side the assistant to director of the political affairs department, director of the Office of International Military Cooperation and other members of the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China.

Kim Su Gil expressed the will to develop the friendly and cooperative relations between the armies of the DPRK and China onto a higher level in conformity with the lofty intentio…

A military delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) led by Army General Kim Su Gil, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army, was welcomed with due ceremony in front of the August 1 Building in Beijing on Friday.

Present at the ceremony were the DPRK military delegation, staff members of the DPRK embassy in Beijing, Miao Hua, director of the political affairs department of the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China, and military officials concerned.

That evening, a reception was given in honor of the delegation at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

Artistes of the Chinese army gave a performance at the reception.

(KCNA -  August 18, 2019)

By Ri Hak Nam

By conducting joint military exercises in the Asia-Pacific region and Indian Ocean together with the followers, US forces show brisk moves.

They also recently performed the joint military exercise "Talisman Saber 2019" in Australia. Mobilized were more than 34,000 troops, 30 vessels and 200 planes. Military forces of Britain, Japan, New Zealand and Canada also participated. In the coastal areas landing and attacking drills went along.

Earlier than this, the US forces held the joint military drill "Pacific Vanguard" in the Pacific Ocean with South Korea, Australia and Japan. In the Indian Ocean they conducted a joint military exercises with France, Australia, and Japan.

Going around countries, US military's high-ranking figures are speaking about consolidating relationship of military alliance. US Defense Secretary Esper went on a tour to Australia and Japan, meeting with target countries' senior figures to discuss the issue of strengthening m…

By Ho Yong Min

Days ago, Japan has taken a sordid discriminatory measure of excluding infant classes of Korean schools from the support system for infant education and child upbringing to be enforced from October and notified it to the local self-governing bodies. It excluded the infant classes of Korean schools under the pretext of "content of education not complying with standard" though it included even those kindergartens and child care facilities not granted by the authorities.

The reckless moves of the Japanese reactionaries are the vivid expression of national chauvinism peculiar to them and the extension of the hostile policy against the DPRK, truly shabby and cruel moves against the DPRK and the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon).

The Japanese reactionaries' expansion of discrimination and oppression of Chongryon to the preschool nursing is the unprecedented fascist outrage to expose all the Koreans in Japan to harsh national chauvinism…

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, guided the test-fire of new weapon again on Friday morning.

Juche shells were fired in the presence of the Supreme Leader.

The national defense scientists showed a perfect result in the test-fire, too, and helped cement bigger confidence in this weapon system.

He said that our reliable scientists in the field of the national defense science developed in the shortest span of time the major military striking means the Party planned recently and showed the mysterious and amazing success rates, adding with great satisfaction that one can imagine the level of development of the national defense science and technology and it vividly proved that the material and technological foundations for the national defense industry are being perfected at a high level.

Our party has strictly maintained th…

Commentary in Minju Joson

The U.S. together with the south Korean authorities started the joint military drill against the DPRK despite its repeated warnings.

Concurrently with the drill, F-35A stealth fighters and the U.S. nuclear strategic submarine Oklahoma City were brought into south Korea and the introduction of high-altitude reconnaissance drone Global Hawk into south Korea is now under discussion.

The reckless military moves of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities are the undisguised betrayal and flagrant violation of the June 12 DPRK-U.S. joint statement, Panmunjom Declaration and September Pyongyang Joint Declaration.

The U.S. and the south Korean authorities are leaving no means untried to justify the military drill, but can never cover up its aggressive nature, the commentary says, and goes on:

Such shameless behavior of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities is excessively inciting the DPRK to take hard-line measures for safeguarding its sovereignty and dignity.



The U.S. and the south Korean authorities keep staging joint military drills for aggression despite warnings from the DPRK and denunciation from the international community.

This is an open denial and an outright challenge to the historic DPRK-U.S. joint statement in which commitments were made to establish new DPRK-U.S. relations and build lasting and durable peace-keeping mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

Now the U.S. makes all descriptions, claiming that the on-going exercises are mock exercises for confirming the south Korean army's ability to take over the wartime operation control.

But the aggressive nature of the actual maneuvers, the war rehearsal for stifling the DPRK by force of arms, can neither be covered up nor justified in the bright world today.

Experts on the situation, commenting on the joint military exercises, pointed out that "they are not favorable for building mutual trust and can entail countermeasure of the DPRK as they still take the …

According to the south Korean Internet newspaper Tongil News, some civic and public organizations of south Korea held a joint news conference in Seoul on Aug. 13 on the occasion of Aug. 15.

The organizations disclosed in a press release that Japan has denied the history of its invasion in the past, destroyed peace in the East Asia and pursued rearmament.

It pointed out that Japan's such moves can never be tolerated as they are in total denial about the history of the Japanese imperialists' invasion which inflicted pain and death on many people in the past.

It said the civic and public bodies, in concert with all the citizens who love justice, human rights and peace, will surely frustrate Japan's attempt to revive militarism as it tries to make an excuse for rearmament with economic provocations as a momentum.

(KCNA -  August 17, 2019)