Young Koreans support Venezuelan struggle for sovereignty

There took place at the Central Youth Hall on Thursday a solidarity meeting of the Korean youth and students to support the struggle of the Venezuelan people and youth for defending the sovereignty of the country.

international solidarity

Present there were Pak Chol Min, chairman of the Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League, and officials of the C.C., the youth league, youth and students here and the members of a delegation of the National Leadership of the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela headed by Secretary General Rodbexa Poleo.

Speeches were made at the meeting and then a solidarity statement was read out there.

The statement condemned the imperialists' interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, which is aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government of Venezuela advancing along the road of independence against imperialism, as a challenge to international law and justice.

It extended full support to the Venezuelan people and youth who are advancing for the victory in the Bolivarian revolution, while frustrating the hostile forces' escalated sanctions and pressure.

It said that to struggle for the building of an independent new world is a common task of the youth of all countries, adding that the just cause of the Venezuelan people and youth for protecting the sovereignty and ensuring peace and security is sure to win.

After the meeting, the participants enjoyed a performance given by the art squad of the Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League.

international solidarity

(Source: KCNA - July 18, 2019)

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