US plagued by gun violence

By Choe Yong Nam

Most recently, a 40-year-old man rushed into a public institution in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and opened fire on the people inside, killing 12 and injuring 4. The crime sent shock waves throughout the city.

That evening a bloody shooting occurred in West Covina, California, causing four casualties.

The firearms-related crimes are now rampant in the United States as an “epidemic”.

Last year there were a total of about 56 800 gun-related crimes in the US, leaving some 14 600 dead and about 28 000 others wounded. The weapons used by criminals are said to have been legally purchased from the shops.

According to the international arms investigation organization in Geneva, 393 million weapons of all sorts are now at large in the US, the number accounting for nearly 40 percent of those owned by civilians all over the world.

It is self-evident that gun-related crimes occur in succession in the American society where gun ownership is legalized.

In June deadly shootings took place day after day in Torrance, California and Boston, Massachusetts, causing casualties and 10 were killed and 52 others injured by gun violence in Chicago in a few recent days.

The US archives related to gun violence have announced that there were over 150 deadly shootings all over the country till late May this year, claiming about 5 870 lives and injuring over 11 220.

Referring to the US which is at a loss what to do with the growing gun violence, the prime minister of New Zealand said that he could not understand it as it failed to take strict measures on firearms control in such a situation.

(Pyongyang Times - July 28, 2019)

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