Traitor Hwang Kyo An is fated to ruin

The clumsy personality of the south Korean "Liberal Korean Party" Hwang Kyo An has become the topic of the public again.

The detestable words from him like the preferential employment of his son and the wage discrimination against foreign workers and his "nap" in an international event are enough to shock the people.

Graft cases including sexual scandal and bribe in which he was involved have been brought to light one after another.

A broad spectrum of the south Korean society call for punishing him immediately, branding him as an "idiot", a "political greenhorn" and a "vulgar guy", questioning his mental ability.

This is quite natural.

Five months after he became the representative, he fully disclosed his nature as an imbecile and a human reject devoid of elementary personality, to say nothing of political qualifications and ability.

By nature, he is an indecent man and wicked murderer and confrontational maniac bereft of humanity and morality.

Since the 1980s when he brutally cracked on the democracy movement of the south Korean youth and students, he has been called fascist "prosecutor" for decades.

At the time of the massacre of evacuees in Ryongsan, he openly defended the conservative authorities by making sheer sophism that it was attributable to "unruly violence" by citizens. At the time of the ferry Sewol disaster, he hindered the prosecution's investigation by wielding his official power as the minister of Justice, thereby rubbing salt into the wounds of the bereaved families.

He also planned to mobilize "forces under Martial Law" to put down the candlelight resistance for the impeachment of the worst dragon lady.

Hwang is indeed A-class war criminal who should have been taken to the grave of history for all his crimes.

Yet, the traitor and the butcher eyes the seizure of power, whetting his teeth out of hatred and revenge, and gets keen to check the trend for the improvement of the north-south ties and peace and prosperity. This is a mockery of the public and the history and an intolerable challenge.

The trend of the times can not be turned back.

Now raging in different parts of the country is the struggle for putting Hwang in custody.

Strong denunciations from the conservative circle which brands Hwang as a "political imbecile" and an "unqualified representative" is pushing the traitor to the tight corner.

He deserves this and he is fated to ruin and his "Liberal Korea Party", a group of despicable swindlers and criminals, is also consigned to the dustbin of history.

(Source: KCNA - July 25, 2019)

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