Taesongsan Spring Water Factory starts operation

pyongyang times
(The interior of the factory)

By Kil Chung Il

The Taesongsan Spring Water Factory has been built at the foot of Mt Taesong, one of the eight scenic spots in Pyongyang.

The factory consists of a production building and auxiliary buildings, and goes so well with the surrounding scenery to unfold a picture.

According to manageress Sin Chun Bok, the factory was named by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The production building comprises the sections of main production, water filtering and disinfecting, container washing and container production and analysis and general control rooms. Each process is equipped with modern facilities.

The general control room commands an overall view of the production sites. Here, workers monitor and control by dint of computer the speed of conveyors as well as the interchangeability between machines in different processes ranging from that for pumping source water to those for filtering and disinfecting, washing, injecting, labelling and packaging.

All the production processes are automated, germ-free, dust-free and put on assembly line and products come in 0.5- and 18.9-litre plastic bottles.

Analyses show that the spring water tastes good and is of high quality. It is rich in essential mineral substances like calcium and magnesium that are good for teeth and bones. Especially, the high concentration of sodium bicarbonate ion helps digestion and is efficacious for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, senile arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis and for the treatment of chronic gastritis, colitis, arthritis and women’s diseases.

The factory is already a favourite with many. It offers delivery service to order.

"We are working to improve hygienic safety and quality of spring water and boost production so as to satisfy citizens’ demand," said the manageress.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 24, 2019)

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