South Korean reptile media deserve rejection


Representatives of the world's six leading news agencies openly criticized the south Korean conservative media's anti-DPRK reporting activities at a recent international seminar in Seoul.

Pointing to the misrepresentation of the DPRK by the conservative media, they said most of false stories about the DPRK are "cooked up by those seeking a regime change in north Korea and financial interests."

"Any important news about north Korea" from the conservative media must be verified thoroughly and it is better not to report things unconfirmed, they stressed.

Progressive media of south Korea strongly urge the ultra-right conservative media, which are obsessed with "hostility, hatred and prejudice about the north," to stop false reporting, blaming them for making up stories by exploiting the fact that it is impossible to confirm the truth.

It is quite natural for the reptile media to be rejected by the international community and the south Koreans as they becloud people's eyes and ears and disturb the media through anti-DPRK news stories packaged in falsity, deception and fabrication.

Objectivity, impartiality and accuracy are the lifeline of media.

Media can be trusted by the people only when they tell truth.

The media, which belong to the nation undergoing the tragedy of division, are obliged to hold high the writing brush of justice for national reconciliation, unity and reunification.

The south Korean conservative media have been branded as "trash media exploiting division" at home and abroad as they acted the trumpeter for the anti-reunification forces to malignantly slander the DPRK and stir up confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

They can never write off their inglorious past when they were branded as a wicked waiting maid serving the power, being lost to their obligation and appearance as proper media.

Particularly, when the nation suffered the great loss, they rubbed salt into the wounds of the compatriots in the north with all sorts of vituperation, a thrice-cursed crime against humanity.

By acting the servant for the group of conservative traitors like the "Liberal Korea Party", they have become the main player of the anti-DPRK farce which cavil at the historic north-south declarations and call for overall ification of the north-south agreement in the military field.

Even at this moment, the conservative media are floating all sorts of ungrounded misstatements in their desperate bid to mar the image of the DPRK and stop the trend toward the national reconciliation and unity and peace on the Korean peninsula.

No wonder, voices calling on the south Korean media to boost objectivity in their news coverage with responsibility to contribute to building peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula are heard from the international arena.

Falsity can never win truth and no one can undermine the dignity of the DPRK nor can stem the dynamic advance toward independent reunification.

It is the truth of history that there is no future ahead of the traitors to the nation.

The reptile media seeking to bring the north-south relations back to the past days of confrontation should be wiped out immediately together with the conservative group.

(Source: KCNA - July 09, 2019)

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