Senior officials visit war historic site

Leading officials of the Party and the government, the chairperson of a friendly party, officials of ministries and national institutions visited the Fatherland Liberation War Historic Site on July 27, the 66th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War.

victory day visit

Being told that President Kim Il Sung located the supreme command there from January, Juche 40 (1951) to July, Juche 42 (1953) and defeated the imperialist aggressor forces to defend the destiny of the country and the nation by leading the war to victory, the visitors walked round the site.

They also saw the historic relics associated with Chairman Kim Jong Il who grasped the military idea, war methods and commanding art of the President beside a table for mapping out operations at the supreme command during the war.

At the command post of the supreme command, they recalled with deep emotion the records of revolutionary activities of the President who advanced the orientations and ways of post-war reconstruction, sure of the victory in the do-or-die war.

Making rounds of the tunnel used by the President and the site where he had a talk with DPRK heroes and model soldiers, etc., they grasped again the popular traits of the President who always found himself among the service personnel and the people and showed warm loving care for them.

(KCNA - July 27, 2019)
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