Self-reliance is eternal lifeline of Korean revolution

DPRK Poster: Self-reliance, eternal lifeline of our revolution
DPRK Poster: "Self-reliance, eternal lifeline of our revolution". (File Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Rodong Sinmun and Kulloja

Rodong Sinmun on Saturday carries a joint article of Rodong Sinmun and Kulloja (magazine):

Self-reliance serves as a revolutionary mode and the principle of struggle of the Korean people who regard independence and self-respect as their life.

All victories and glory the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and the Korean people have won through severe trials and difficulties for the last decades are the noble fruition of self-reliance.

Self-reliance is not just a tactical countermeasure for meeting a requirement of the changed situation and overcoming a temporary obstacle standing in the way of advance, but the invariable political line the WPK and the Korean people have confirmed and consistently maintained as a fundamental orientation and the mode of development in building socialism.

The banner for independence with one's own efforts the first generation of the Korean revolution upheld in the thick forests of Mt Paektu in the severe period when the nation's destiny stood at the crossroads of life and death has been more firmly inherited as the banner of independence and self-support in the whole course of solidifying the foundation of democracy and building socialism from scratch with one's own efforts.

Today, the political line of self-reliance clarified again by the Party serves as a treasured sword of building up a rich country with a strong army for defending the gains of socialism which can not be bartered for anything else in the world and accomplishing the cause of building a powerful country by fully displaying the potential for the development of the DPRK.

Self-reliance serves as the eternal lifeline of the Korean revolution which can never be abandoned as long as the DPRK and its people exist.

Thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who makes total dedication with the lifelong will to build the great Kim Il Sung's nation and Kim Jong Il's Korea into an independent power to be admired by the world, Juche Korea is making a vigorous advance along the road of self-reliance.

The way of self-reliance in which the Korean people shared joy and sorrow with Kim Jong Un under his leadership represented the days when they have been united around him with the same intention and feelings with keen realization of the greatness of the leader.

The Korean people have entered a new stage of socialist construction with more confidence than any period in history.

The history will certainly witness how glorious today's era was when the road of advance for building a powerful socialist country was paved by self-sustenance and self-support despite the worst challenge and blockade and what great feats the Party and the people achieved when opening up the era.

Let us all make a vigorous advance towards the bright future of Juche Korea, holding aloft the banner of self-reliance under the leadership of the great Party.

(Abridged by KCNA - July 13, 2019)

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