S Koreans enraged by US military step

By Om Ryong

The US forces in south Korea released a "Strategic Outline-2019" terming Japan one of the "providers" of combat personnel and equipment in case of contingency on the Korean peninsula.

It has greatly infuriated south Korean people of all sections of life. They are denouncing the US forces’ move as a revelation of the scheme to involve Japan into the DPRK-targeted war.

In protest, the party of the people, the Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions, Solidarity for Progress and many other political parties and organizations of south Korea got together in Kwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul for an emergency press conference. The participants demanded an immediate disbandment of the UN Command, asserting that the US is working to make Japan a country with the right of belligerency as it paves the way for the Self-Defence Forces’ advance to the Korean peninsula.

The Americans’ involvement of Japan in the "providers of combat power" has all the more infuriated the south Koreans, because the insular nation has gone far beyond the line as it tries to revise the constitution in order to become a country that can fight war and embark on reinvasion, without soul-searching and guilty conscience for its sinful past. Moreover, its retaliatory economic measures have given a heavy blow to the south Korean economy.

South Korean organizations and people condemn the US forces' move as a dangerous act to draw Japan, which is hell-bent on the resurgence of militarism and overseas expansion, for setting up the "Northeast Asian version of NATO" and start another Korean war.

(Pyongyang Times - July 28, 2019)

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