Russia eyes regaining world power status

By Min Chol

Russia is directing considerable efforts to social security, economic modernization and defence buildup among others.

It aims to be one of the top five economies of the world.

Despite the intensifying sanctions by outside forces, its GDP rose by 1.7 percent in ten months last year.

The most noticeable is the rapid development of the Far East which is noted for abundant resources and enormous potential for development.

Last year the country that holds 10 percent of the world’s energy production registered a black figure in that field in seven years, and this year it started the development of a large-scale gas field in the Yamal peninsula in the northern part of the country. Gas extraction is estimated to begin in 2023.

At present it plans to ensure an economic growth rate of over 3 percent, bring down inflation by more than 4 percent and surpass the world’s economic growth rate from 2021.

Russia is putting spurs to boosting military capability.

Its target in the field is presumably to regain the status and role it had in the period of the USSR.

Addressing a party for military academy graduates held in the Kremlin on June 27, President Putin referred to a grand project which is underway for equipping the Russian armed forces with advanced military hardware and stressed that the defence buildup and qualitative development of military, judicial and special organs hinge on the officers.

Vladimir Putin, June 27, 2019
(Kremlin photo)

According to data available, the ratios of modern military equipment in the Russian armed forces are 82 percent in the strategic nuclear force, 74 in the aerospace force, over 60 percent in the airborne force and the navy and nearly 50 percent in the land force.

Between 2014 and last June, six submarines, 23 warships and ten supply vessels were commissioned to strengthen the Black Sea Fleet, and within this year three more vessels are scheduled to go into commission.

Russia also pursues an ambitious objective of becoming one of the world’s top five in scientific research and development.

To this end, the government approved a national programme and appropriated a large sum of money. It is trying to complete the infrastructure by establishing modern scientific research centres in 15 regions in three years.

As the country puts forward social stability as the foundation of a powerful state building, the recent enlarged council meeting of the supreme prosecutor’s office attended by Putin discussed the issue of guaranteeing civil rights as a major agenda item and put forward social protection of citizens’ life by law as a primary task. And the meeting of the Russian league of independent trade unions on May 22 underlined the need to create new jobs and change labour relations in a far-sighted way.

Russia is also striving to build up other fields of social life as befitting a powerful state.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 25, 2019)

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