Communist Party of China having covered proud road

By Jo Thaek Bom
Rodong Sinmun

The Chinese people greeted a historic moment in the struggle for hewing out their destiny on July 1, 98 years ago. The Communist Party of China (CPC) was founded that day.

The foundation of the CPC was a great event as it brought about an epochal turn in the development of the Chinese revolution.

Thanks to the leadership of the CPC the Chinese people could wage an organizational and stubborn struggle against foreign forces of aggression and won a victory in the fierce struggle with domestic reactionary forces to greet the birth of a new China. As a result, a new era of prosperity opened on the vast tract of land of China.

The CPC has put forward lines and policies reflecting Chinese actual conditions and the interests of the people in each period of the developing revolution and overcame difficulties in reliance upon all the people.

It directed big efforts to the work for maintaining social stability and achieving sustainable development of the economy and face-lifted the appearance of the country by achieving great development and changes in politics, economy and culture and all fabrics of social life. By developing science and technology it put the overall national power on the world level of advance and increased weight and influence in the international arena.

Today the Chinese people, all out in the struggle for attaining "Two Centenary Goals" in accordance with the strategic assignments set forth at the 19th Party Congress under the seasoned guidance of the CPC with Xi Jinping as the core, are striving to bring about a new prosperity.

The Korean people are rejoiced as over their own over the achievements the Chinese people are gaining in the struggle for building socialism with the Chinese characteristics in a new era in the face of difficulties and challenges under the guidance of the CPC, and sincerely congratulate the Chinese people on the 98th founding anniversary of the CPC.

(Abridgment by KCNA - July 01, 2019)


Korean Central Television aired the Chinese film 《Beginning of The Great Revival》 dubbed in Korean on July 1 evening. (Xinhua)

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