Recreation ground rings with merry laughter

Rungna People's Recreation Ground
Fun-seekers have a good time riding amusement facilities at the Rungna People's Recreation Ground. (Photo Credit Pyongyang Times)

By Ri Sung Ik

The Rungna People's Recreation Ground, comprising a dolphinarium, wading pool and amusement park, sprawls over a large area of the Rungna Islet on the Taedong River, which flows through Pyongyang.

Summer has come, and more people are visiting the recreation ground to cool their bodies in water and the summer breeze, enjoying their holidays on the islet.

The Rungna Dolphinarium just near the entrance of the recreation ground catches their eyes at first sight as it is in the shape of a dolphin and becomes the first leg of leisure activities here.

It is interesting to see dolphins in Pyongyang far away from the sea. But more amazing are the stunts of these "sea creatures".

Their "performance"--counting numbers, doing various stunts according to the instructions of trainers including walking backward on water, turning jump and continuous ball hitting, and even kissing the audience--arouses a succession of admiration and laugh.

The Rungna wading pool is next door to the dolphinarium.

Crystal-clear water waving in pools, water spray from shower bath facilities, dozens of metres high water slide at an almost vertical angle, and diving tower with several platforms up to 10 metres high and others attract the attention of visitors.

"I can hardly express the feeling of pleasure of sliding down along the steep slide and falling into the pool. It makes me feel young again," said Kim Chol Su, a worker of the Pyongyang Rubber Factory, stroking his hair that began to go grey.

"At first I hesitated for 15 minutes on the diving platform. But now I have confidence," said Han Myong Hui, a woman in her 30s living in Sadong District, Pyongyang.

There are also a restaurant, noodles house, kimpap (seasoned rice rolled in laver) house and soft drink stands in the recreation ground.

In the evening the islet is filled with excitement and joy of the visitors, turning it into a "laughter islet".

They give exclamations and shouting in wonder and surprise riding the Energy Storm and Hawk that turn over and over again, Sky Drop that falls in an instant and other facilities. And children enjoy riding the Sombrero, Pirate and other facilities, laughing all the way through.

The amusement arcade, mirror cage and hall of laughter are also crowded with visitors.

"No one leaves the amusement facilities once they sit at the computer games. Intrigued by the games, they often fight fierce 'battles' or are delighted to show their 'great wisdom or skills'. I am very pleased to see them happy," said Ri Sol Hui, a keeper of the amusement arcade.

Illuminations of all kinds put up on amusement facilities and in the recreation ground add to the joy and laughter of the people, unfolding a magnificent view of lightings in the nocturnal sky over the islet.

(Pyongyang Times - July 17, 2019)

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