Reckless acts against nation

By Min Chol

The recent DPRK-US summit meeting and talks at Panmunjom were landmark events to be etched in history, making a great impact on the world.

The domestic and foreign media comment in unison that they contribute greatly to easing tension in the Korean peninsula and ensuring global peace.

However, only the south Korean conservatives are letting loose a stream of invective in a bid to belittle the significance of the event, which excited the whole world, and to pour cold water on the public support at home and abroad.

The Liberal Korea Party, the Righteous Future Party and other conservatives clamour for the "north's nuclear abandonment" as they speak ill of the summit.

Ultra-right conservatives including the veterans association voice their dissatisfaction with their master, not content with making such reckless remarks as the "sense of collapse" and "connivance".

Under the circumstances, conservative media outlets and so-called experts are intensifying criticism against the current ruling forces as they find fault with the DPRK, arguing that the authorities help the north’s nuclear completion and their north policy is the greatest threat to security.

The reality clearly shows the rashness of anti-national acts of the conservatives, who work only to sustain their lives and take power in disregard of the nation's intention and interests and the trend of the times.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 20, 2019)

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