Puppet group will have to pay a dear price


The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea Saturday released a statement clarifying a crucial stand of the DPRK assailing the south Korean puppet authorities for persistently shielding and encouraging another leaflet scattering operation conducted by human scum in the area of Phochon, Kyonggi Province at midnight of Friday. The statement said:

1. The south Korean authorities should know that there will be neither dialogue between the north and the south nor improvement of the inter-Korean relations unless they suspend the leaflet scattering operation malignantly hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

It is the unshakable will and steadfast principled stand of the army and people of the DPRK not to pardon at any cost whoever defames the dignity of its supreme leadership.

The south Korean authorities should not even dream of sitting at the negotiating table with us as long as a reckless leaflet scattering operation goes on.

They should not forget that the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK declared they would not only make sighting strikes at balloons but also blow up their base and strike the forces commanding their operations behind the scene if the leaflet scattering goes on.

We will sternly punish and finish off those criminals involved in those operations in the name of all Koreans.

We have the right to punish the criminals who fled to the south after committing crimes against the social system and the law of the DPRK and the south Korean authorities are obliged to extradite the criminals to the north side in the light of international law and practice.

If the south Korean authorities are not ready to do so, we will conduct an operation to decisively punish the human scum.

3. We will file a suit in the international organizations including the UN and world community against the south Korean authorities' leaflet scattering operations against the DPRK in an effort to build strong public opinion.

The above-said operations for defaming the dignity of the supreme leadership and the social system of the DPRK and its people being perpetrated in south Korea under the patronage of the puppet authorities are hideous crimes against humanity and human rights as they are a grave violation of international law.

It is none other than the south Korean puppet group which should be brought to an international court.

We will file a complaint in the international organizations and the world community against the puppet group's anti-DPRK hostile act of seriously infringing upon the universally accepted international norms and order and strongly censure and condemn it.

The statement warned that the Park Geun Hye group will have to pay a dear price for scuppering the hard-won opportunity of improving the north-south relations and trampling down the compatriots' desire for reunification by making a mockery of the DPRK's good faith and challenging it.

(Source: KCNA - November 1, 2014)

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