Pseudo media should be kicked out to Japan

By DPRK Today

People from all walks of life in South Korea have been increasing their vigor of anti-Japanese struggle. It was kicked off by the arrogant Abe group that have mouthed the economic retaliation against South Korea, let alone apology and compensation for Japan's past crimes.

However, conservative media including the Chosun Ilbo are rebelling against the people's minds by siding with Japanese bunches and ridiculing the South Korean people of anti-Japanese sentiments.

Since July 4, Chosun Ilbo has poured the pro-Japanese stories.

The Abe group took the measure restricting exports to South Korea as a retaliation to the South Korean authorities that ruled for reparation to the forced draft victim by the Japanese imperialists in the past.

The Chosun Ilbo dared say day after day: "A bomb from South Korean government" invited the Abe's measure; "Court and government" initially caused the problem; "How small-minded are we?"

The JoongAng Ilbo has dirted its paper surface with a traitorous story such as "Policy of making people dumb, making them shout anti-Japan only". The Hankyung also let loose the like: "We brought the Japanese shamelessness and rudeness upon ourselves."

These are nothing but patting buttocks of insular country's bunches that denied their past crimes against our national history, and fanning their ambition of re-invasion. These are a gallbladder-less act of pro-Japanese betrayal.

This incident is not merely a matter of the relationship between South Korea and Japan. It also boils the blood of the whole nation. The Abe group again denied their past imperialist ancestor's super crimes against humanity over the people of Korea. They dare challenge us imprudently.

Those who do not remember the past are going to repeat it.

Japan's reactionaries do not condone their crimes against humanity. Rather, they beautify their crime-woven past history, raising the voice of militarism. They aim to realize their re-invasion ambitions over our countries and other Asian nations.

Thus, all walks of life in South Korea condemned the Abe group's 'economic retaliation' as an 'economic invasion'. Total denial of past wrong doings is to fabricate justification for rearmament which will restore the cold war era. It is a prelude of territorial invasion. South Korean people naturally turn up the volume of the anti-Japanese voice.

If one's name and color are media, one should be representative of the people's minds and historian for the nation. It should raise proper and righteous writing brush.

Nonetheless, conservative media including the Chosun Ilbo have from the beginning ceased to be representative of public sentiments. They volunteer the role of bugler for the insular country's bunches.

Ultra right conservative media have immersed themselves in pro-Japanese remarks such as "narrowness" and "bomb from government". Behind them, there are conservative bunches ready to sell out national interests for their dream of returning to power. As soon as the Abe group pull out the knife of economic retaliation, bunches of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) flattered those of the insular country, saying: "Economic ruin was invited by Moon Jae In government"; "Faith with Japan was broken as a result of Moon's reversing the Park Geun Hye government's agreement on sex slaves of Japanese army". They infused arrogance in insular country's bunches.

Even now, conservative gangs make much noise: "Do not encourage anti-Japanese sentiments too much"; "See Abe in the flesh to solve the problem"; "On this opportunity, change the keynote of economic policy."

They compel the compatriots to kowtow forehead to the millennial archfoe. They put Japan's past crimes aside, saying of a "new cooperation", or a "separated response" to history issue and security issue, or an "improved relations." Those treacherous sellers of national interests have no mouth from which another sounds can come out.

Hack writers of the conservative media including the Chosun Ilbo and their rears are worse than the five traitors of 1905 that sold the country to the enemy in the past.

As long as the conservative traitor group exist, we can neither evade national shame nor vent out our millennial grudge.

It is a demand of the public to immediately kick out the political buglers for the conservative group that sell national interests without hesitation, the pseudo media, including pro-Japanese hack nest Chosun Ilbo, to the insular country.

* Translation fron DPRK Today (ko) - July 20, 2019.

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