Promising diver in the making

By Jong Tang Song

The 2019 FINA world diving competition was held in Japan, China, Canada, the UK and Russia between March and May.

In the competition, Kim Mi Rae (pictured) from the Ryongnamsan Sports Club of the DPRK came first in total rankings by winning a gold and two bronze medals at the women’s 10m individual platform diving. She also obtained a gold and four silver medals at the women’s synchronized 10m platform, thus snatching a total of eight medals in the event.

Such a success is further consolidating her position as the "dark horse" in the Korean team.

She already achieved notable successes in international tournaments.

Making her international debut at the 2015 FINA Grand Prix diving competition, she bagged a silver medal at the women’s synchronized 10m platform and went on winning two silver and one bronze medals respectively at the women’s synchronized 10m platform and the individual event in the 2017 FINA world diving competition. She secured five medals at the same events of the 2018 FINA world diving competition.

Besides, she showed off her credentials at the 18th Asian Games and other regional competitions.

"Mi Rae has a natural gift for sports. What is more important is that she is exceptionally tenacious and faithful in training. Though slim, she cherishes high aims in her heart," said her coach Choe Song Hui.

"My daughter took up gymnastics at Juvenile Sports School in Sosong District when she was six years old. In a month she skilfully did a somersault on the trampoline and after half a year she could perform all the movements executed by elders who had taken up the sport two or three years earlier than her. All viewers called her a child prodigy," said Mi Rae’s mother Kim Hye Ran who changed her occupation into a keeper at the sports school for her daughter.

Afterwards, she trained with Choe Song Hui, diving coach at the Ryongnamsan Sports Club, and worked hard to improve her diving skills.

One-odd year later she was chosen by the national team.

She trained so hard that her fellows and coaches would call her an energetic performer as she came to the training ground first and left it later than others and made painstaking efforts to attain the goal she set herself higher than that of her coach.

"When I was young, I trained hard and bagged medals out of a desire to give pleasure to my mother who spared no pains for me," said Mi Rae. "But since I started professional training, a number of coaches have sacrificed themselves for my success and showed maternal affection. What they expect from me is to snatch gold medals dedicated to the country. I will do my best to this end."

(Source: Pyongyang Times - July 27, 2019)

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